Xtreme Taxidermy

We interviewed Daniel Ross of Xtreme Taxidermy at his shop in Romance, AR. Daniel specializes in pet preservation – a process by which he freeze dries the animals and extracts all of the mositure from the pets, drastically reducing their overall body weight. Collins Avenue (Hollywood, CA) is currently producing a reality show based on the Ross family and their business that will air on Animal Planet. For more information, go to www.xtremetaxidermy.com.

10 Responses to Xtreme Taxidermy

  1. Horse Luv

    Where did you buy that?

  2. posi55

    BUT THEY ARE NOT WELL DONE! they look dead and sad and decomposed
    almost look like their skin is cardboard
    I would understand if at least the result was pretty but it's not!

  3. Timothy Lewis

    called today. I will post my satisfaction in 6 months

  4. Susan Howe

    I love this program

  5. THE1ONEWO1Fpack c:

    Thats freaking creepy!!! I would never get my pets taxidermied creepy

  6. Ebony Wolf

    Eat the pet, use in life and use in death

  7. sn9696

    What would it cost for a 10lb dog ??

  8. Dixie Grammer

    Daniel is a professional I work with him I should know! and he does more than freeze drying. He does traditional taxidermy as well!

  9. Jeremy Killins

    Sounds like you might be a little jealous, because he is a try professional…

  10. Overwatch118

    No he is not the only taxidermist in the state that preserves pets. He is not a member of the state assoc. so he knows little of what the true professionals do.

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