WORLD’S BIGGEST DOG 2017 – Real or Fake

In this episode of “real or fake?” we’re taking a look at what may be a new dog to take the place of biggest dog in the world on the pages of Guines book of world records. We’re also taking a look at some very mysterious clouds that appeared over Australia; a fish in the Philippines that appears to have a tattoo on it; a weird miniature creature that looks like a cross between a kangaroo and and rabbit; and a picture claiming to show a whale swimming down main street in and American town during hurricane flooding.

It’s an interesting show so watch it all!


Eagle Snatches Baby – Viper Central
Girl With Squid Tongue – Brooklyn and Charlie
Guy with Coke Can in Mouth – Hiphoptamizha Avi
Megalodon – Jonathan Marco
Alien Babies – Please drop me an email. The file got messed up.
Pig With Human Face – Nick
Woman Hugging Deer – Mark Mosekjaer
Whale In Venice 1 – Jack Harkins
Whale in Venice 2 – Sean Castañeda

If I missed you for any reason please send an email to and put CREDIT 911 in subject. I’ll get it fixed ASAP.

20 Responses to WORLD’S BIGGEST DOG 2017 – Real or Fake

  1. Super James YT

    I'm so early. xD

  2. Lelol fire

    for the big dog, the man's leg is in the dog……FAKE

  3. catto cat

    How was 1 REALLLLL?!?!

  4. dragon genji

    the huge dog is fake cause where is the owners other feet

  5. Klyne de ocampo

    yay filipino kamusta :3

  6. Crispy Skeleton

    4.real!!!! my science teacher told me about those!
    the last one: fake

  7. cookie jump

    i wish i could get a jerboa.

  8. Sebastian Trujillo

    The big storm clod is fake

  9. Jose Flores

    dog after a bone really?

  10. Disney Girl

    I feel like people switch there answer when they Hear the answer

  11. 6 9

    That's not doge, its a horse

  12. Fab Star

    OH MY GOSH ATLEAST MY BUNNY IS NOT LIKE THAT..wait it's kinda cute don't you think?

  13. L1zzieBear J

    Thats a real dog they breed those

  14. gamer reacts game

    Bill my friend sender me a black ring picture

  15. LPS Galactic

    The whale is fake.
    Bunny mice kangroo is real.
    The storm cloud is real.
    The fish is real.
    The big dog is fake.

    You're welcome.

  16. Xaiden plays

    You forgot to type the rest of the unknown

  17. Beatrice loves Hawkins Pezzolo

    Not the Jerboa, her daughter.

  18. Lynn Haynes

    The man with the dog duss not have another leg

  19. Clayton Blackpopeink

    That is a bird of pray so it is real

  20. Yasmine Emam

    That eagle is unknown

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