World Taxidermy Championship

The World Taxidermy Championship visited Springfield, Illinois. See what it takes to be an expert taxidermist and why it may be different than you expected.

18 Responses to World Taxidermy Championship

  1. Tegan Yelton

    Humans are odd creatures…. lets kill this animal so we can skin and try to make it look alive again… I have nothing against respectful legal hunting, I just had that thought lol

  2. Pat was patted

    lol taxi doesn't mean movement it means arrangement

  3. Silvia Araujo

    I wouldn't even been able to walk in that place… I am so scared of animals standing still like that

  4. Mei Ki

    I wanna heckin do thisss

  5. Janet Arneau


  6. Smith Killer

    they should do this to furries!!

  7. Tricky Green

    These are so beautiful

  8. Cade Sok

    Now all you have to do is imagine every single animal in the video as a naked human.

  9. Rat-King

    I love good taxidermy. Personally I still wouldn't buy one if the animal was killed just for the taxidermy and money, if it died naturally or was put down with a good reason I have no problem.

  10. ccrawfordrocks

    Im so stupid I thought that taxidermy was stuffing an animal not all this complicated stuff

  11. Marcy Lenth

    I think they are beautiful

  12. Vasili Korotkov

    But why a little piggy, Bambi and a baby zebra?

  13. Angel heaven

    they need to be actually alive how the heck can you kill animals discusting liveing with be a murderer there the same as humans better though humans are fucked

  14. liz

    this is so cool

  15. Cole Asmus

    Wow Daisy Fields that’s terrible, but worry not you are a beautiful woman most certainly inside and defiantly outside, enjoy life to your fullest no matter what happens. And I can't bring myself to cut leather let alone an animal.

  16. TJ Jones

    I would love to go to that event it would be like going to the supper bowl to most people. I could care less about the supper bowl and much more about this by far

  17. cocaine cola

    i hate this…

  18. Sweet Cookie

    Im okay with that when they found that animals dead.

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