Wolf Restoration at Wollaton Hall

Restoration of a wolf for the new Natural History Matters Gallery at Wollaton Hall, by Chris Orgill – Taxidermy Conservator/Restorer

20 Responses to Wolf Restoration at Wollaton Hall

  1. AAAAAj

    Give it some lip balm

  2. Ajda Berker


  3. Shoulders of Giants

    great channel

  4. Pix

    when tf were wolves poop yellow

  5. ChiseledDiamond GTB

    To people saying it's a coyote, it is infact a wolf, but the fur has yellowed and browned due to age, and probably due to the original preservatives decaying

  6. I'm a clam

    Can it walk 500 miles?


    But how do you know that’s not exactly what they looked like? He could’ve just ruined it lmao

  8. Atticus Pines

    Dream job, soft pelts and art

  9. Paperbag Dog

    I'm imagining a very offended Victorian taxidermist

  10. vickie g

    Man this edible ain't doin shi- 6:11

  11. Avery Powell

    Pause at 2:21 and send it to ur crush

  12. reicirith

    Oh god, I hope this guy has really good ventilation in his workshop/he wears a face mask when he does this… who know what the heck they used to taxidermy these things back then…

  13. Pearl the rebel

    Lol what if it was just a naturally ugly wolf

  14. Pearl the rebel

    Taxidermy is so cool

  15. Corkman321

    I bet that thing doesn’t smell to great

  16. fox_in _xxs_clothes

    What qualifications are needed to do this job? Is it possible to learn this as a job or would i need to studie at a university?

  17. Danielle Gill

    2:13 nightmare fuel

  18. rabid pandaren

    This is fascinating work!

  19. Chandler Whitchurch

    He did a fantastic job

  20. Autobot Jazz

    6:10 That wolf has SEEN THINGS

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