Will it freeze dry? – Sausage

Home freeze dried sausage.
Freeze dry food at home.

16 Responses to Will it freeze dry? – Sausage

  1. Victor Motter

    What is the power consumption of your freeze-dryer?

  2. Howard Johnson

    How about rehydrate in something like scrambled eggs?

  3. Howard Johnson

    When freeze dried it's like balsa wood with GOOD taste

  4. T Dawg

    can you dry raw meat ? and then store.

  5. erik sikk

    U should frezze dry real food not that boxed stuff or caned stuff but chille from scratch

  6. InFlorida4252BettysHarvestRightFreezeDryersGroup

    Hi, I Admin for. Face Book group called; Harvest Right Freeze Dryers.

    As the title suggests, we help one another by sharing our freeze drying experiences. Come check us out.

  7. EvilKris

    well, you'll be fine once the apocalypse comes lol. Seriously question though- is it possible to freeze dry skimmed milk?

  8. romdos11

    I was surprised it only lost 4 ounces of water.  I thought you were going to say the whole thing droped like 10-15 ounces.  Thanks for the vids!  I'm ordering my Harvest Right soon.

  9. GoldGunsandGolf

    What do you use to seal your mylar bags? It appears your seals are great…

  10. TraumaMomm

    First off, I wanted to thank you for all the videos! Our Harvest Right will be here TODAY! My question is: have you found anything that DIDN'T freeze dry well? 

  11. Mike Trieu

    Huh, that method of reconstitution seems a bit naïve. I'd think a more gradual streaming would produce a better outcome than soaking. Give it more time to absorb.

  12. Ian Dire

    Thank You so much, experimentation is fundamental here… Regards

  13. Andrew Tornadoboy

    Hmmm, makes me hungry!

    Be careful about eating things that are freeze-dried without re-hydrating them first, I hear that can absorb too much water in your system and give you major stomach/bowel problems.

  14. roninbudo


  15. T Waite

    First I want to thank you for taking the time to do the videos, I have been looking at getting this same Freeze Dryer. I would like to ask now after using it what is your off the cuff thoughts on it, do you feel it is worth the 4,000. Also I would be very interested in seeing more videos on other things you dry in it. Thanks again 🙂

  16. mmisbach

    How much time does it take to freeze dry something?

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