Why do animals have such different lifespans? – Joao Pedro de Magalhaes

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For the microscopic lab worm C. elegans, life equates to just a few short weeks on Earth. The bowhead whale, on the other hand, can live over two hundred years. Why are these lifespans so different? And what does it really mean to ‘age’ anyway? Joao Pedro de Magalhaes explains why the pace of aging varies greatly across animals.

Lesson by Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, animation by Sharon Colman.

18 Responses to Why do animals have such different lifespans? – Joao Pedro de Magalhaes

  1. TED-Ed

    If you want to keep exploring fascinating facts from the animal kingdom, check out this playlist: http://bit.ly/2I7F48x

  2. Jayne Haubner

    I love that baby elephant

  3. Garnet Lamarche

    Another contributing factor is heart rate. Almost all hearts beat approximately 5 billion times over the course of the respective lives. The faster it beats, the shorter the lifespan.

  4. Jonas Damon

    I'm surprised they didn't talk about the immortal jellyfish

  5. Awais Mir

    I honestly believed their were a few strong factors. Sun light, climate, size, speed. Speed was a strong 1 for me… I noticed that the animals that most animals that move faster, die faster.

  6. William Morgan

    One thing I dont understand is if larger animals tend to live longer than smaller animals then why do small dog breeds live longer than larger dog breeds

  7. KrypticalLemon

    Yes maybe our skin will change because we are trying to adapt and that's just us evolving just like fishmen from one piece

  8. KrypticalLemon

    We just gotta get used to living in the sea all 7 billion of us and those who stay on land and don't try to evolve will still have a normal life span but the sea and land people will adapt and grow stronger and evolve to be able to survive underwater

  9. KrypticalLemon

    I know what to do we should live in the sea and land but mostly sea just like sea turtles if we do it for hundred or even thousands and more we will live longer and we will be able to hold our breath longer so we might be able to hold our breath very long like 7 hour or more

  10. Vea Bright

    Taking algae and plankton regenerates cells and slows death!

  11. SkyTanGames Lone Gamer

    So it could be possible for people to be immortal if heart beat slows down and the cells keep regenerating. Even though my friends don't care about this, i feel fascinated.

  12. Suck It

    Ur voice is so calming even at the end when u made it sound so sad that we cant live as far as the …..thingy and other thingys

  13. An actual monkey

    João* Pedro de Magalhães*

  14. Variety of Everything

    Well the thing that can live 10,000 years… too bad it couldn’t have watched this video, or at least YouTube in general.

  15. Mastapeece

    What I learned from this video os that mini-chef is dead.

  16. CAM99 2

    3:05 when your a john wick and see a default skin but an omega grabs him

  17. Phil Wackerfuss

    The similarity between all of these animals is they are ADORABLY animated.

  18. That one american

    Because jelly fish were ment to replace us

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