3D INTERACTIVE MUSEUM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe8EqmyN9zM

When taxidermy fails, when stuffed animals gone wrong, it’s just hilarious badly stuffed animals (HD)

17 Responses to When TAXIDERMY goes WRONG… very WRONG!

  1. Butrz The Cat

    cocaine + dog = 0:29

  2. Butrz The Cat

    0:24 frenchiest frie is making a meme 1:28 i am

  3. Pemi

    I think the lesson here was:

    – Don't do it yourself, leave it for the professionals.

  4. The Cartoon Artist

    to creepy for me I'm outata here

  5. Munchy Mangoes

    When is Taxidermy ever RIGHT?..

  6. NeonDoesStuff

    Me and my squad

  7. Arisha Redfield

    Almost all of these made me facepalm

  8. Frenchiest Fry

    0:24 I will make this a meme if it's the last thing I do

  9. Devin Parlati

    1:20 that cat is alive.


    why did the polar bear look like he had a hangover last night

  11. Steffi Engstrom

    Ha Ha and Ah AH!!!!!

  12. Rose Elder

    That first polar bear looked high af

  13. Katherine Coyne

    1:17 I think that's just a cat in a box…..

  14. Katherine Coyne

    The cat at 00:11 just looks like a bro.

  15. Kina Mims

    no 00:23

  16. Kina Mims
  17. PastelUnicorn 13

    That's just plane sad and and absolutely not funny

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