Webisode 9 – Mounting A Life Size Bobcat

Follow along in this webisode as Frog’s Buckshop Taxidermy welcomes everyone into their shop to show you how they mount a bobcat.

20 Responses to Webisode 9 – Mounting A Life Size Bobcat

  1. Lara Grapes

    Thanks for sharing! Nice job, guys!

  2. Todd Browning

    Is there anything other than fleshing the hide?

  3. ImVegan

    Jesus, bobcats are way smaller than I remembered.

  4. Mayra Nava

    did thay kill a real Bobcat?

  5. Caleb Butler

    nice video i killed a big bob cat back in season im still waiting for it to come back

  6. Jantzen Filbrun

    How did you get the hide tanned and dryer so quickly?

  7. Jay New Deen Zee Dan

    retard murder no brain rednecks

  8. Jim Winters

    That was incredible!! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!

  9. Judy Malinowski

    Wish there was more detail on prepping the skin…..

  10. museum taxidermist

    is that a McKenzie rock?   if so what catalog number is it…..thanks frog

  11. Allen Coutinho

    Well done, it was really worth seeing you do the stuffing, hope you put some more videos like this. Good luck…..

  12. Violetta Cabrera

    What are the fluid that you used and the qty?

  13. jameswoodsist

    this is probably the worst taxidermy i have ever seen. you should be ashamed of yourself that you make people pay for this garbage.

  14. daverobyinct

    This video sucked!!! Skipping very important information is not cool!!! All details on hide tanning, oiling and eye installation also ear and foot prep!!!

    Not happy at all with this video!!! 

  15. Joseph Jones

    nice pistol, great vid!

  16. Ron Macdougall

    What pressure do you run and what nozzle to pressure wash ?

  17. Dean Enterline

    Very informative video!  I pretty much see how you did everything on the bobcat, with the only exception of actually applying the hide paste!  ;(   I don't see how the glue can be applied to the manikin, in all areas, without making a big mess; given the fact of the rather "small incision opening" being used, etc.  Signed, S.O.S.!!! 

  18. Tina s

    yes also wanted to know about the tanning…… what was used on the body…

  19. Lucifer Hell

    Why would you waist the skin?

  20. Rodney Kochersberger

    Can you eat bob cat? Just curious.

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