Watch How Orijen Pet Food is Made – The Best Dry Food in the Industry

We caught up with Champion Pet Foods at Global Pet Expo. See the awesome ingredients that go into Orijen, and also what goes into the majority of other pet foods (Brand X).

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20 Responses to Watch How Orijen Pet Food is Made – The Best Dry Food in the Industry

  1. Pam Tomas

    Great video! My cat loves Origin Regional Red….now I know why! Thank you!!!!!

  2. Scatteredstorm

    Sounds like a good option for those that don't have the time put together a homemade raw diet or the money to order online.

  3. Naughtysauce

    This seems like good ole marketing for me, notice how they are a nice bright color while the competition is a stark black, even the performer is wearing black. I'll be convinced once they do a walk through the actual plant that manufactures these products.

  4. Ronda Gouchie

    Where in what universe would a dog or cat eat lentils, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), peas, navy beans ? In Orijen there is more legumes than should be in a carnivore's diet, just to up the protein without adding more meat, if you look closely, Orijen uses percentages on their bags that are not actual amounts in the food. It's the original amounts put in before the water is taken out by cooking and exuding the kibble in the end product. So the dry products will be higher on a dry food bag in the ingredient list, so if you have 7 different fresh meats and then 9 dry legumes will not be the exact list in the dry product. Your meats will fall below the dry ingredients, so even with the bags of Orijen that cost you $100 for 25 pounds, you're not getting all the meat you think you are, the legumes(lentils, peas, pea fibre, navy beans, chick peas) so Orijen…funny thing is in this video she down plays the fact that all the legumes and fruits are just as high on the glycemic levels as the other brand but fresh doesn't always mean best because once a food is cooked it de-natures the ingredient and it's no longer fresh, so as much as Orijen TRIES to make their food BETTER than others is by fooling the pet owner into thinking fresh is better, fresh foods cooked will lose their protein, vitamins, minerals, and other important micronutrients. Bottom line… all dry foods are garbage when feeding your dogs… filling it with unnatural ingredients in a biologically appropriate diet, instead of feeding a Species Appropriate Diet… they don't need or ever eat legumes, even a little of a better more digestible 'starch' to hold their food together. We fed our dogs Orijen back before the legumes and our dogs did wonderfully, but now our dogs were sick, bloated, smelly, gassy, unhappy dogs… don't believe this hype… if we still bought Orijen we'd be paying $200 every six weeks, but now on raw, fresh, whole foods we buy fresh daily, and don't process, our dogs are happy, healthy, not bloated, not gassy and look forward to eating their meals. The cost of feeding fresh, unprocessed, raw or lightly cooked foods at home is far less than feeding THIS BEST FOOD… which begs to ask… why buy it then? Because most pet owners are too busy, too brainwashed to attempt to feed their dogs naturally like they hopefully eat, and feed their own children. Pet food companies have made us believe we cannot possibly know what is best for our pets, that we cannot understand animal nutrition, so they spoon-feed us the latest fads and propaganda everyday and make us think it's perfectly normal to open a bag of dry, dead food, pour it into the bowls and feed it to our pets like they're feedlot animals… even free-range chickens, pigs, cattle, and most zoo animals are fed and treated better than our pets…. shame on all pet food companies!

  5. Everything Animals

    Orijen is definitely the best food, but financial restraints are the only thing keeping me from switching. For now, they eat a food probably similar to “Brand X”, but it’s supplemented with superfoods and occasional raw toppers.

  6. Captain Ron

    Thanks for the video. About 7 years ago I started researching the best dog food I could give to my 3 dogs. It took a while, but I finally settled on Orijen Red. Because of my research, though, I noticed that a lot of people were feeding their dogs raw meat. So, while I was feeding Orijen Red, I continued my research which resulted in my switching to a Prey Model Raw Diet. Most people don't have the time or energy or whatever else it takes to go raw, and for those I would recommend Orijen Red.

  7. Hariharasudhan sukumaran

    why dont they record a video of the whole factory manufacturing process and upload it on youtube or atleast take a tour in their factory some top youtubers who has a pet dog. and let them talk about it in their channel.

  8. Hariharasudhan sukumaran

    do americans will blindly belive what they see in ads and in some expo demo?? are they out of reason???

  9. Ed s

    The lady in the back does not look happy.

  10. Brian Edwards

    He stole my Jason tattoo

  11. Paul Dalton

    Your dog may prefer steak, but his digestive system is also geared up for rice and potatoes.One thing for shore this is a great selling technique.

  12. ID L

    The white versus black lab coats are hilarious. Marketing marketing marketing.
    Also the insinuation that any brand not labeled Orijen would be like brand "X"… Marketing and making the competition look bad…
    If everything this lady says were true, it would be an amazing pet food. I would need to see the products being delivered to the plant and going into the mixing vessels and follow along the entire kibble making line to believe this spiel.
    Cooking human grade food for your dogs is still the safest bet to keep them healthy and KNOW what you are feeding them without recall worries.

  13. Ricky Bachman

    Should we refrigerate or …?

  14. MIlw55

    Tried Origen and my dogs had GAS so bad I nearly died. Went over to Acana. Is the higher protein the problem?

  15. Empra Bass

    There's no such thing as healthy dry pet food. Have you ever seen a cat hunt down dry kibble in the wild? No they look for fresh meat. If you are a pet owner do yourselves a favor and switch to raw food.

  16. angie handspiker

    Wow just watched the video. Funny how they forgot to mention the chicken and lamb meal they add..

  17. Richard Vacanti

    How do we really know what is put in Orijin . Because someone stands up on stage and is dressed like a van or a vet tech in and puts in pieces of chicken and fish and almost ingredients into a cop and then on brand X they throw in powder in water and dried egg. Anybody can do that and say ours is better than theirs unfortunately this video is not even close to enough for proof at least for me. I would like to see it firsthand why don't they have a transparent policy we really could bring the public in to the factory and show them what they do or be transparent in your processing and making of the food and have a video put it on YouTube of firsthand footage of how the food is actually made in the factory and show them actually getting the food from the farm getting the turkey getting the lamb getting the fish that's the only way I would believe it. Unfortunately every single dog food company has lied to us the consumer and The only way I would believe it is to see it first hand sorry origin that's just how I feel.

  18. Richard Vacanti

    I used to feed origin but I have three big German shepherds are used to feed orange and adult food large bag was $55. Now it's upwards of 100+ I just can't afford it and they would go through that small 28 pound bag in about 7 to 10 days so I don't have $400 a month to spend on dog food . Can't anybody make a trustworthy good healthy dog food at a halfway decent price maybe $50 a bag for 30 or 35 pounds come on guys. I have been feeding raw as much as I can and I'll tell you watch it's a lot cheaper than $100 a week and probably better than any cable on the market including Origin.

  19. Ah Ma

    I don't feed my kitty kibbles! Even if I have too, since Orijen is so costly, I will have chosen freeze dried food. Wonder why Orijen does not have their own freeze dried series? Or they have? I use 20% of NV & Feline Natural freeze dried nuggets and 80% raw meat for my kitty. If Orijen has freeze dried, I will sure buy. But not kibbles and any kibbles.

  20. Andrea Downing

    This is by FAR the BEST DOG FOOD the ingredients are superb! My maltese looves this food and she is a finicky eater

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