Walleye Taxidermy ( Air Brushing ) Part 2

Paint application on a Walleye ( Fish )

7 Responses to Walleye Taxidermy ( Air Brushing ) Part 2

  1. michael white

    Tim you can do almost anything. Really good looking walleye mount

  2. Joe Bucci

    Tim, the reason I starter to follow your channel was about fire wood, and what a great surprise on how talented that you are and I have enjoyed the music and taxidermy videos. Thank you for all enjoyment.

  3. TheNorthener

    You are really great at what you are doing sir! Beautiful work Tim !

  4. Jason Roberts

    good job, they look great

  5. Matt Malone

    Beautiful work brother

  6. Larry Kluck

    Looks great

  7. Mark

    Good job Tim!

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