WALKIES FOREVER: preserve your pet, as comfy shoes

(From the Meaningful Shoe Company, makers of ATHEIST Shoes)

3 months ago, we received an unusual request from a customer – Tina had a dying pug, Frodo, and asked us if, once Frodo had passed, we could turn him into shoes… so that her family could continue to pet him and take him for walks. We had to give it serious thought but, empathising with Tina’s impending loss, we told her “yes, we would be honoured to preserve Frodo’s pelt, for posterity, in a pair of uber-comfy shoes.”.

We’ve been so moved and gratified by the experience, that we would now like to make our service available to ALL pet-owners.

So, if you can’t bear the thought of losing your beloved pet, we’d love to help keep them in your life.


Music by Chris Zabriskie & Madoka Ogitani

5 Responses to WALKIES FOREVER: preserve your pet, as comfy shoes

  1. Hannes Weigel

    After visiting your shop in B last week, I had to watch the video again!

  2. Northwind

    What the hell?

  3. James Gillis

    wish I could see the gag reel

  4. La bèl netlabel

    You can download for free "Wind" by Madoka Ogitani here:
    [LBN028] Madoka Ogitani – “Take a Walk” (February 05, 2015)

  5. walkingmap

    Happy April Fools … both this and last years April Fools videos were great. Last years even scared me a bit …
     … Ok fine, I own 2 pairs, The Gentleman Stepper and the Chocolate Boot, I need Das Cognac, …

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