Waiting for Toast with TotalBiscuit

2 cats (Freya + Loki)
2 dogs (Kumo + Taichi)
1 moth (Mothra)
1 biscuit (John)

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19 Responses to Waiting for Toast with TotalBiscuit

  1. Martha Pozo

    I saw the tag too lol

  2. Lunar Dust

    2 cats (Freya + Loki)

    2 dogs (Kumo + Taichi)

    1 moth (Mothra)

    1 biscuit (John)

    sounds like a terrible movie that i would still watch

  3. Tim Rohrbach

    I wish I could do two thumbs up.

  4. Ahmed Alkooheji

    Now, who will he wait for? 🙁

  5. TheRealJulien

    It's wonderful to see this, what with my own cats being the same clumsy insect hunters and balls of fur and love as yours (as well as the good-humored marital banter). There's a strange comfort in knowing that John and I are sharing some experiences like that – as far removed as his and Genna's life are from mine in every conceivable way, it's good to see the love in that house. It's almost unfathomable how hard his final days must have been, both on everybody around him and John himself, but I don't doubt for a moment that besides more time with his family (and for his work), he has wanted for nothing in his life.

  6. Charmaine Selwood

    :O what breed of doggos are they? I love them!

  7. Superschokokeks

    category: gaming 😀

  8. The sandwich

    Okay… this is weird. My nan just had her kitchen done and with the exception of the giant freezer it looks SCARILY simular to this. What the fuck.. is my nan secretly a TB fan?!

  9. Sheep King

    I've wanted to tell you for a while I think you meant to name him the Japanese word for bear which is kuma not kumo.
    kumo means either spider or cloud.

  10. legomeaker101

    you can't have your toast and share it too

  11. TheCommanderNZ

    Yuck, Cats on a eating workbench surface.

  12. Ryan Lynn

    I have just seen this for the first time! All I can say is congratulations for also owning the worlds greatest toaster!

  13. Ted South

    Your cats are so beautiful =3=

  14. MalcontentMatt

    Do you want to get sick? Because when cats walk through their urine and feces and you let them walk on every surface in the kitchen, that's how you get sick.

  15. C4103

    The chattering noise is a feline hunting reflex. They instinctively make the bite motions that they would to kill prey in the wild. Basically, it's bird murder warmup.

  16. 11Creature11

    Fucking how slow is that toaster 7minutes wtf

  17. Nullpointer

    That is one chill doge

  18. Guy

    Bengal cats are supposed to be very agile, but these cats look so clumsy. Can't even walk a straight line without falling or tripping lol

  19. Ананатахюхйпьп Ьэьгяфяхях

    Haha happy family

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