Visiting the Real Life Balto the Wonder Dog

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18 Responses to Visiting the Real Life Balto the Wonder Dog

  1. Ellen Rangel

    Balto still my favorite

  2. Tinaharris25 Tinaharris25

    Supposedly bolto and his team of sled dogs were the inspiration of Disney's eight below starring Paul Walker.

  3. Casper Jägell

    The parrot super shark Is a Dunkelosteus.

  4. BigBadMightyena

    Such a beautiful boy, I’d love to see Balto and Togo in real life.

  5. Wolf Sky Pokemon

    OMG Balto :3

  6. Kitten Lover

    And I'm pretty sure you've never even had a girlfriend you are fat fatass fatty ugly ass b**

  7. Kitten Lover

    Seriously do you see how fat you are you like have a double chin and then I've been trying to and don't say you just saying mean stuff to try to make me feel bad about yourself I am skinny thank you very much I work out I even have a boyfriend and I'm 16

  8. Kitten Lover

    Why are you so fat can you go home workout bike go jogging or go to the gym for once

  9. Kitten Lover

    You Disgust me

  10. Kitten Lover

    Why not you just die in a hole

  11. Kitten Lover

    Kill your self

  12. Bad Company-50 biker

    Your video shooting sucks dude. You move way to fast for us to see. Plus we want to see what your shooting not your fat face. And a lot of us already know about Balto.

  13. dragonwolf2004 TheHowler

    I have been to that Museum many times :p

  14. Donna Liska

    Went last Saturday and got to see him luckily since I was in a wreck before then let’s just say I almost cried when I got to see him

  15. Lorena Gouws

    The intro tho XD

  16. Creative Arts

    What about Togo the sled dog? Togo knew Balto but in his story it says that Togo was the real hero and not Balto.

  17. Lps Lauren and scarlet Tv

    Balto at 4:05 thank me by liking my comment

  18. Bonniegirl722 Aj

    I had no idea he was here in my state. Thank you!!!

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