ViaGen Pets Profile | Pet Cloning and Pet Genetic Preservation

ViaGen Pets provides pet cloning and pet genetic preservation to clients around the world. You can learn more about us at our website:

We are dedicated to bringing this technology to pet owners around the world. And we’re also working very diligently to bring this technology to a price point to where it can be enjoyed by the everyday pet owner.

Cloning is where we would take a cell that is differentiated and we would take that and place it into a host oocyte or egg. We give that egg a stimulus to divide and that egg would actually take care of a lot of the re-programming of the DNA with inside that cell to take it back to an early embryonic state. That embryo would just be transferred to a normal surrogate like a standard embryo transfer and allow it to go on and carry a normal pregnancy. And then what you would have is you would have an identical twin, kind of separated in time, born to the original animal that you collected the cell from.

Today ViaGen Pets has thousands of clients who’ve chosen to genetically preserve their pets, as well as a growing number of clients who are moving forward with ViaGen’s cloning service.

I’m with them through the whole entire process, from start to finish. Give them updates along the way and hopefully I’ll actually be the one to deliver the cloned puppy or kitten to the client.

I manage the cell culture department. I’m the one that receives your pet’s tissue biopsy samples. When they arrive I grow and nurture the samples and turn around and make them a cell line. Each cell line is safely preserved and cautiously monitored during the time they’re at ViaGen.

Clients will call typically and they’ll say you know I’ve got this dog and I’ve had lots of dogs, but this is the best dog ever. There’s something special about this dog. And so I’d like to have another one.

I am a pet owner. I’ve got three dogs and twenty horses that my wife and two daughters and I all look after on a small ranch in the Hill Country.

It’s very unique. You know, I’ve had several pets in my lifetime and there’s one pet that was like no other. Something special about that one. And that’s what I hear time and time again from our customers is I’ve had lots of dogs but there’s something special about this one dog and I don’t know what I’m gonna do when she’s gone. So this is something we can do for them. They don’t have to know what it’s like to have them gone.

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