Useless Box Kit from ThinkGeek

Music by Magic Twig

18 Responses to Useless Box Kit from ThinkGeek

  1. Héctor Corea

    I have one. It's quite fun but is not as fast as the one shown in this video.

  2. Seaghan Ó Buadhaigh

    Brought to you by Grot™.

  3. Igor Barbaros

    Well that's useless

  4. علوم الاسلام

    what is the use of this box

  5. D Leong

    Microsoft surface Pro is built on the same design!

  6. Steve Bruce

    What I have in common with this box?

    Everyone whos sees this first laughs at it, then he thinks:"what a useless piece of crap" and then he asks why does it even exist.

    But what's the difference between me and this box?

    The box has the courage to turn itself off.


    where can i get it

  8. Springtrap

    I thought it would come out and punch you

  9. BeefyJERKy

    I dont frickin care if its useless TAKE MY MONEY!!

  10. Peter Sills

    My birthday is March 8th

  11. Magee

    It’s so cute

  12. Hasta LaPasta

    How to win:
    hold the cover where that robotic arm thing comes from or hold the switch on
    then turn the switch on

  13. John Smith

    Fucking best invention in the universe EVER!! :DD

  14. LEGO Warfare

    The Future, Of Innovation

  15. ethanbubblegum

    My useless box broke. Now it's completely useless…

  16. um gui

    i love it! definitely gets how discussion is. ha!

  17. kori kisielprice

    Here from jev

  18. Spider-Man-fan

    It’s a paradox, or better yet, parabox.

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