US Debt Wars! Freeze Dried Pets! Legal Drugs Linked to Violence!

Commentary about banks abandoning distressed homes in black neighborhoods, a study finding a link between prescription drugs and violence, U.S. debt surpassing $14 trillion, Congress considering raising the debt ceiling and a company that freeze dries pets.

More banks walking away from homes, adding to housing crisis–20110113,0,7716930.story

US Debt Wars: US debt passes $14 trillion

Brent crude rallied to near $99 a barrel earlier this week,

Jobless youths in Tunisia riot using Facebook

Top Ten Legal Drugs Linked to Violence

Freeze Dried Pets;cbsnewsMainColumnArea.0#ixzz1BAnP3dWu

Woman takes potential renter to Flint home, finds house burglarized

Year ahead looms as toughest yet for state budgets

20 Responses to US Debt Wars! Freeze Dried Pets! Legal Drugs Linked to Violence!

  1. veritasfiles

    @ytgv3fc7 Well, we can't do anything to change this because we will never focus on the source of the problem. But generally speaking, I think we agree.

  2. ytgv3fc7

    @veritasfiles "It's a terrible circumstance, but it's also just plane ole reality."
    Can't argue with you on that. That's why those of us who understand can only truly prepare money as gold/silver and food, weapons, plans for escape and such. This is going to get ugly and it's actually going to be global. We all waited too long in denial before facing the real economic problems and ecological problems involved. There's no way to put humpty-dumpty back together.

  3. veritasfiles

    @ytgv3fc7 But even just doing that, assuming it went perfectly and we didn't descend into Hell, economically speaking, would require every politician to slit their own throat. They would have to routinely pass laws that most of the American people don't want and that are in the best interest of our nation. It's a terrible circumstance, but it's also just plane ole reality.

  4. veritasfiles

    @ytgv3fc7 Don't get me wrong. My comment was quite minimalist, and even that will NEVER be done. I'm under no illusions. We are all just waiting for the final shoe to drop. I think most of us know that this is all little more than a charade at this point. I'm just saying that they would need to progressively cut until they were running a surplus and in short order 5 years or less, and that assumes that something doesn't knock us over before then (i.e. hyper-inflation). CONT'D

  5. ytgv3fc7

    @veritasfiles "knocking off $300 billion. Then they should do the exact same thing next year until we are running a $50 to $100 billion surplus."
    short about 50 trillion there. Nice thought but the borrowing is taking pace like 50 billion a day.
    A DAY.
    Kinda hard to compete cutting vs that kind of borrowing just to "break even".
    Production of real goods needs to increase 80,000% or America is done.

  6. ytgv3fc7

    @TheAzvet Canada would be good, we can probably handle another 200,000 Americans who are SOLIDLY HARD WORKING, no welfare cases and anymore would have to be able to live off the land including in winter, so if you can't handle that, don't do it. Winters are getting warmer because of global warming but this means much more snow from higher humidity and more melting mid-winter again from the warming so lots of mud & ice. Not what most Americans are used to

  7. ytgv3fc7

    My correlation graphs (not online at this time) now show 85% correlation of oil & gold prices. Higher correlation in the hourly chart since 2011 Jan 17th.
    Basically oil has to head up to 98$ at this correlation for gold to consistently hold above 1425$ USD. Also, silver will massively jump all the way to $35/oz along a MASSIVE power-curve correlated to such a gold price move

  8. dawheele1

    why do I have to watch a commercial before your video?

  9. yuukisama2001

    That freeze dried pet is some crazy stuff. Look just bury the damn pet. I understand folks want to preserve the memories but THIS? C'mon….really?

  10. veritasfiles

    If they don't raise the debt ceiling, they will precipitate a total collapse of the economy. What they should do is use the threat of not raising the debt ceiling to drastically reduce the deficit. I would say that they should should for $500 billion and settle for knocking off $300 billion. Then they should do the exact same thing next year until we are running a $50 to $100 billion surplus. This probably won't happen, but that's what I think they should do.

  11. swami24u

    of course congress will raise the debt cieling to pay for people who make a million dollars a day tax cut. why wouldn't they borrow money from china to give to the rich.

  12. leebog31

    Freeze dried pet with a fleshlight built inside it. The possibilities are endless.

  13. DEMCAD

    @TheAzvet Definitely not Mexico.

  14. Carter



  15. goldcurrent1

    @Aluminumati lol. You're probably right about that. California is utterly fucked.

  16. rickster348

    "the future belongs to those who prepare for it"
    Now I remember who said that.

  17. coldfire2227

    @DEMCAD Yeah I agree with you. I seriously doubt that North Korea would become a superpower and unite with south korea and invade the US. If one country were to invade us and try to take us over it would most likely be China or Russia. You rarely see videogames about the American economy falling and clearly talking about the SHTF in the storyline.

  18. notpcone

    Of COURSE Congress will Raise the Debt ceiling……….it's ALL THEY KNOW HOW TO DO!!!

  19. leadpersuasion

    You had too much fun with the pet thing!! LMAO!

  20. elusive1003

    An individual could kill another individual with a rock! I want to see rocks Banned and legislated. People who have used their bare hands to strangle and kill another have cost us all our hands, hands should be illegal! Make up your own idiotic idea they are never ending.

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