Unboxing My New PB Bass Replica Fish Mount – New Wave Taxidermy

It took nearly five months but here is the un-boxing of my PB bass replica fish mount that was done my New Wave Taxidermy. Back in Feb/March Tom and I was throwing crankbaits hard in search of a 10 plus pound fish, we had a couple monsters shake the hooks at the boat but with persistence, we finally managed this lunker. This is my first largemouth over 10lb’s and I can’t wait to top it. My next goal is the 12lb class fish. Here is the video of this magnificent catch if you haven’t seen it:

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19 Responses to Unboxing My New PB Bass Replica Fish Mount – New Wave Taxidermy

  1. James M

    Disappointed with time? 5 months is nothing. It’s quite typical for me to wait 1-2 years.

  2. Bassin NW503

    Too cool… I'm shopping taxidermist now for my replica mount. As a YouTuber, you can appreciate this story! Two weeks ago, I caught a 7.92 lb fish and just to create some controversy (for viewership purposes) I posted it as the largest cast-to-catch-to-scale in Washington State. (Which turned out to be partially true) I was so frustrated though that I was so hyper-focused on making sure she was released healthy and strong that I forgot to get measurements on her.
    Fast forward 7 days later, I went to a new body of water, still within Washington, and with the camera's rolling, I caught one almost 2 full lbs. bigger at 9.86 lbs! Remembered measurements this time, and now I'm looking for a replica to put over the fireplace in our new house! Congrats on making it to double digits! That's awesome! (Mine's not quite there, but anything over 8 lbs. above the 45th parallel is pretty rare)

  3. Mike West

    Just watched the video of the catch, they did a great job on the replica.

  4. Isaac Sanchez

    Cool video man! What's your pb redfish? I caught a bull red the other day 40.5 inches long over 40lbs! It was insane!

  5. Flubby

    That's is an awesome taxidermists, that an actual skin or not and where did u get it done.

  6. Ace Jenkens

    Awsome Largemouth your 1 lucky guy hats off.

  7. C.P Bagley

    Very. Cool bud. They did a very nice job on that. Where did you get the drift wood?

  8. Sauce is King

    I've always wanted a mount. Nice bass

  9. The Traveling Fisherman

    I remember that video! Absolutely awesome buddy!! That's a bucket list fish for me as well, a double digit bass!

  10. Turtledad1916

    Hi Josh, just wanted to let you know that you're doing and awesome job. Congratulations on your pb (what a beast). Also I'm a stay at home dad with three special needs boys, well I don't have much time to get out side and fish lol. Watching your videos take me away from the norm for a bit lol. Keep it up and tight lines.

  11. Jedhaase

    Beautiful replica! How much money was it? Whoever made that did an amazing job.

  12. Piscifun

    It is incredible real!

  13. JOE del 956

    wow sir awesome bass did not know they did that. but know I do. keep it up and keep fishing brother

  14. miguel yaxcal

    congrats on your personal best.

  15. Alvin Wolfe

    Awesome job

  16. Salvador Cisneros

    now that's a great way of putting it…. let's catch that 10+ PB

  17. Dino Harrison

    Capt. Joshua, Congratulations on your PB Bass! Outstanding job on the mounting too! Well worth the wait. I watched this video and had to go back when I was done to watch you catch it. I enjoyed it SO much I had to watch it twice. Best of luck on your 12 lb'er quest. Should you catch that, I suggest you have something to calm your nerves. We DON'T need you having a heart attack out there. Very nice place you have to keep it. Happy for you Dude!!!

  18. Stephanie Taylor

    Beautiful, I am jelly over here!! 🙂

  19. Marcus Young

    That bass looks awesome on the wall.

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