Unbelievable Animals That SAVED People’s Lives

Animals saving People: Do you have a pet or animal that you love? Have you wondered if your pet loved your or the owner of the pet? Well today we go over the most Unbelievable Animals That Saved People’s Lives! Watch as Dogs protect Owners, Cats protect baby, lizards protect kids, and much more! These animals are truly incredible and the fact they save their owners lives from death is amazing! Do you have a pet or animal you love and would you save their life? Make sure to leave a like on the Unbelievable Animals That SAVED People’s Lives if you do! Also subscribe for more videos like ANIMALS WHO SAVED PEOPLE FROM DEATH and maybe you too one day will get saved by your animals! For more videos like 10 Pets Who Saved Their Owners Lives also turn on post notifications!

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Unbelievable Animals That SAVED People’s Lives


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17 Responses to Unbelievable Animals That SAVED People’s Lives

  1. Noah_Playz_games 902

    The story about tracker the dog. It’s pronounced Nova Sc-o-sha

  2. Bing bing Bong

    Harambe should’ve been on this list

  3. Porter Edhouse

    You mist the mouse who saved a famaly of 5

  4. Faith May

    My cat saved my life once. I was reading a book in our camper when I smelt smoke I looked up and fire was on one of the beds. I tried to get out but the door was stuck the fire got bigger and bigger. It was so hot that I was feeling dizzy that's when I collapsed. My parents told me that if it weren't for our cat I wouldn't be here today. They told me she kept mewing nonstop so they came to see what was going on when they got out of the house they saw the fire and remembered I was in there they tried to open the door but it was stuck so they got an ax and chopped it down and my cat pulled me out while my parents called 911. That's how my cat saved my life.

  5. joshua pitts

    civilian international inflation travel scared routine stretch funding press patient reporter

  6. tuan vandersluis

    even blue nose pitbull dogs will save an child's life.

  7. Kiira van Vuuren

    What song is in the end ?please give me the name

  8. Elephant Slammer

    I subscribed!

  9. Nintendo Fox 8-bit

    Good job for listing all the animals i already know but gave me more facts thank u!

  10. Juan Ramirez


  11. Sunlight Girls

    I wish our pets saved us.


    Chi CV hi seams like a mean dog

  13. Robert Magrey

    My cat Tigger saved my mom from a rattle snake.

  14. Tonneh_ [TF2 nel cuore]

    Very good channel, new subscriber!

  15. Blue Shadow

    I have a puppy

  16. Louiemeister

    So number six, the gorilla lived but harambe was killed doing the same thing. Bet you it’s because harambe was male

  17. MLP Tribute Artist

    That's awesome

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