TRULLY Bizarre Taxidermy

AMAZING 3D Sand Art:

18 Responses to TRULLY Bizarre Taxidermy

  1. Hanzoa Heausha

    did he Photoshop these I know most of them are except the stoned fox XD

  2. Tomasz Willmington

    Love that 5 sec at the end when hes just like ShitShitShit, how do i pause the recording?

  3. Tomasz Willmington

    Boom! Shit music

  4. FUCK You

    howw autistic are these taxidermists

  5. Akabane Karma

    this is disgusting

  6. Lily Schenck

    The music is killing my ears

  7. Kuro Karasu

    they died for THIS!?

  8. Kuro Karasu

    und für so einen Dreck sind die Tiere gestorben…

  9. axe12100

    Bad choice of music I think… Why.?!

  10. Loyal Death


  11. Mrs Montenegro01

    My hair is sticky xD

  12. DisgustedDenise

    People MEANT to do this??? (O.o)

  13. Sammy Rodriguez

    That lion is like the scariest shit I have ever seen like clearly its disgusting rotted meat tongue was plastered onto its face. Just let these animals die in peace lol

  14. Gabby Diomand

    Ima have nightmares

  15. phillip Bowls

    I don't need the shit audio. fuck sake get it right

  16. garry sexton

    had to mute this video to watch it, but, yeah, some new faces there for sure…. i especially liked handi-cat….

  17. Brianp Eilert

    I havent laughed that hard in years. Omg the bear with the bug eyes smiling?

  18. Slime Huntress

    1 it's hard to stuff animals and 2 that is really sad honestly :/

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