Top 10 Most DANGEROUS Pets

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Most countries have laws against them. In most places around the globe it is illegal to capture, breed, or sell them. Yet world wide there is a fascination with owning wild, bizarre, exotic, and most of the time dangerous pets. What are this fascination with being different and the need to own something illegal and dangerous? Who owns these animals? And, what are these animals that are owned, sold, and traded worldwide regardless of the consequences?

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10. Turtles
9. Constrictors
8. Scorpions
7. Camels
6. Ostriches
5. Chimps and Monkeys
4. Venomous Snakes
3. Crocodiles and Alligators
2. Big Cats
1. Kinkajou

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19 Responses to Top 10 Most DANGEROUS Pets

  1. Ken9284

    "Save me from the wee turtles!"

  2. AbbyKennedy

    So turtles are dangerous because little kids put them in their mouth? Dogs and cats also carry salmonella. Another thing, you say venomous snakes, then go on to say poisonous. Those words are different.

  3. Deflated Hypnotist

    Kinkajou's make the most disgusting mess, I used to volunteer at a zoo. Never saw the damned thing (nocturnal) but sure scrubbed it's poop off of every surface including 6 ft up the walls…

  4. Meso Anto

    Paris Hilton got bitten be warn
    She is now sugarbear-werewolf

  5. David Gusman

    what a BS. stick to facts, not random propaganda

  6. Player Review

    Today I found out some TopTenz

  7. ssfriskyanimates

    when the snake was squeezing the mouse, the mouse pooped XD

  8. Bradley Hope

    1) Salmonella is very very rare in all reptiles… I have handled them my whole life without issue

    2) "constrictors" includes both small colubrids and large anacondas.. red tails are able to be handled by a full grown adult male without issue and there are no recorded deaths that come to mind

    3) Scorpions can be very deadly based on the species, but emperor scorpions are the most common and are equivalent to a mild bee sting

    Everything else mentioned isn't a real "pet" but rather most likely needs a special license to retain in captivity with some exceptions based on local laws…

  9. Heidi Fedor

    Stories likes this really piss me off. The number of homeless cats and dogs, on streets or in shelters, who are euthanized every year is unfathomable. These animals cost little to no money, and deserve good homes. Yet some people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on animals that neither want, nor have the need to be pets. For every hapless and dangerous wild animal that's imprisoned in domesticated situations, thousands of actual domesticated animals are put down everyday.

  10. Isaiah Keene TV

    kinkajou.. he's the real mvp

  11. Joshua Slowpoke

    Who keeps ostriches as pets? I'm pretty sure those things are just as hotheaded as their relatives, Emus and Cassowaries, and Cassowaries can literally kick you open with the sharp talon on their toe. I imagine an ostrich would try to simply beat you to death, considering they probably don't have anything sharp on them.

  12. LinkFromFlorida

    sorry fella but i dont care if your from england because im from america but if you are from england then its okay

  13. Rosie Hoodie

    "dangerous pets" half of these are not normal pets… hahaha

  14. Mister Smiley

    Number 1. The human Child ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  15. Milo Dixon

    It's really jarring to have the camera cut back to you just to say the number and then switching back to the voiceover. It flowed better when you just used the previous format. Also, this video topic was very very clickbaity – number 1 was not even a very dangerous pet and more importantly, almost no people in a first world country own half of these as "pets" it's just a rehash of a deadly animal list for lesser known animals. You end every video by telling us about 2 of your other videos and at first it was ok but now, when I see that after watching a poorly thought out video like this one, I am worried that you are becoming the Screen Rant of Top 10 fact videos – just random nonsense repackaged and thrown together over and over in a different order.

    I really like your videos Simon but the quality is getting worse.

  16. Anthony Hargis

    You mean attacking Paris wasn't a plus in its favor? Weird.

  17. jack north st.louis

    i would have liked to seen baby love clawing her face up

  18. Frank McEvoy

    A long time ago, I read an article that exotic pets were really unwise.  A dog, a cat, a hamster…go with those.

  19. light

    Hold on they are poisonous and dangerous really you got venomous and poisonous mixed around I thought you knew that

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