Tiger Plays With Liger at Preservation Station

If you want to get up close with wildlife, here is a great place to visit. The Preservation Station is an amazing place at Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach. You can pet and get your picture with all sorts of exotic animals. They are all friendly because they were raised around people from the time they were born.

2 Responses to Tiger Plays With Liger at Preservation Station

  1. Ewa Ulińska

    Sorry, but this isn't a liger. The white guy is a stripeless white tiger.
    Actually, a white liger is hard to "get". Somewhere they bred a stripeless white tigress with a white lion and the resulting cubs were lighter in color than typical ligers, but still not white… This may by itself give interesting isight into genetics of color mutations in tigers and lions.

  2. Allison Byerly

    Video won't play

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