This Huge Deadly King Cobra Does Not Want To Cooperate With Zookeepers

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Herpetologists struggle to move a new, aggressive male king cobra from quarantine into his exhibit.
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19 Responses to This Huge Deadly King Cobra Does Not Want To Cooperate With Zookeepers

  1. Vanessa Phillips

    Balls of steal

  2. Mike Gass

    They must be on drugs!

  3. lue mart


  4. DaMasta OwnYa

    the snake nneds a biiger cage … hes 12 feet

  5. Dr Ankur Baruah

    1:10 complete mindfuck.
    It looks like he skewered the snake..

  6. Chanchao Kiitos

    Why is King Kobra being kept in
    a zoo in the first place?
    I know the venom is needed, but
    it can be obtained without this.

    How many zoos actually possess
    endangered species, and if some
    actually do, what is the percentage?

    All zoos should be closed down!

  7. Kevin Warner

    Whatever those two dudes get paid it's not enough.


    Yeah. That's not the job for me. No thank you


    you must meet Mr. vava suresh from india .he will.teach you how to catch a snake.

  10. Duane Robb


  11. adam vesely

    Skittish…. PISSED OFF  Arthion (below me) The poor guy AIN'T scared. Of anything. On the earth. Yeah, he DID try to run away – because he don't wanna be here. I'm tellin' you though, he isn't scared of anything here. How/where would he have learned to be afraid…of – anything – Do you think  he has been changing his path because of "FEAR"?  E-V-E-R-Y thing changes THEIR path when this bastard's in the way. YOU go around(if u make it), not (Ha-ha) HIM. Ever. He will never BE afraid. He's got "The Juice", always HAS, & everybody knows it. He don't  know what fear tastes like, never had it.

  12. Stingray Beach

    Idiots. They should learn what a "shift cage" strategy is.

  13. andrew joshua

    I hate snakes !

  14. andrew joshua

    it was risk !

  15. Nischal Roopram1

    All due respect to you guys handling this huge snake but to me it looked like it was your first time.

  16. sarath akku

    vava suresh handles king cobra with bare hands check it –


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  18. Aerobie Pro Dog

    Poor snake. I'd like to see those two men in a box and use sticks to extract them.

  19. Eric Wright

    Niggas tweaking fo

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