The Young Taxidermist Giving New Life to Dead Animals

What do you see when you imagine a taxidermist? You probably envision an older man or a scientist, but taxidermy is actually making a come back among young millennials who are interested in the DIY aspect of the craft.

Meet Mickey Alice Kwapis, a Chicago-based professional taxidermist who travels the world to teach her craft. More than 90 percent of her students are young professional women. Mickey is part of a growing young generation of women who are becoming increasingly more interested in taxidermy, and in this video she will walk us through the history and different purposes for preserving and mounting the skin of dead animals, and explain why it’s so appealing again.

No animals were harmed during the making of this film!

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17 Responses to The Young Taxidermist Giving New Life to Dead Animals

  1. Elliot the weirdo !

    Cool cool, I wanna learn to do that looks fun

  2. Mango Lollipop

    trying so hard not to change the vid. love taxidermist, hate British chick.

  3. TheHynez

    Super interesting and informative stuff! Also, this girl is 100% super cute.

    Marry me? K thanks.

  4. TodayRoach

    0:43 the true meaning of a naked mouse

  5. Gazorpazorp Pleh

    Mickey is so cute


    Please just leave nature alone they were not desined for this and its a bit creepy leave nature to do its thing


    At least no animals were killed im a vegitarian and i was fine with this interseting but i dont have the guts to do it

  8. Ashley_ Raboutou

    HOW THE HECK COULD YOU NOT WEAR GLOVES?! I can’t even touch a raw fish without some protection…

  9. tobi fjord

    cuts mouses skin
    Me: oh
    peels off mouse skin

  10. Branko Viher

    This is stupif i thing. Live is hov the god give you

  11. Hi Bye

    She looks like cry baby girl Mel

  12. Trash Dog

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that cheetah head is badass

  13. Ddh Hadley

    I think i saw bobross

  14. GamesGirlsMovies

    i like this never htought about it before hamsters would look amazing , i m going to the pet store tmrw to get some hamsters nd murder them and make models of them , can any one give me suggestions to how to kill a hamster without ruining his body like i thought about boiling it alive or raping it to death with a small stick or mby leaving caged under direct sunlight all day

  15. napalm hedgehog


  16. Cesar Bonilla

    Bary the kittens

  17. Pastel Jelly

    She low-key looks like Melanie Martinez

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