The Taxidermy Diorama Art of Brooke Weston

We met artist Brooke Weston at this year’s DesignerCon, and chatted with her about her striking repurposed taxidermy sculptures. Each piece is a combination of fastastical miniature and dioarma, housed in found taxidermy. It was one of the coolest things we saw at the show!

Find more of Brooke’s art at

Shot by Jon Finger and edited by Adam Isaak

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20 Responses to The Taxidermy Diorama Art of Brooke Weston

  1. Speckles The corgi

    That looks pretty badass

  2. Jim Stewart Cohen

    Wait… That's Journey! KICK ASS!!!

  3. clickpwn

    "I try to RESPECT the animal" LOL she butchered and mummified the poor animal and built a living room inside its corpse ahaha

  4. Santiago RamireZ
  5. rillegas08

    I feel that taxidermied animals, assuming they're looking in on their bodies from an afterlife, would actually like what Brooke's doing. Before, it's just a head mounted on a wall that no one looks at. Here, it's been turned into something that interests people, causing their dead body into something people enjoy longer than a meal or two. Or at least that's how I'd feel in the deer's hooves.

  6. ThornsOfOurTime

    unique and beautiful looking

  7. stankwho

    Its Barbies nightmare

  8. manifatzigula

    Good art always sparks controversy 🙂

  9. s8nsK405


  10. Alex jeff

    Any one now what the paper samurai thing in the intro was? At 2 seconds.

  11. fustigate314159

    "And now, for something completely different…"

  12. Foghorn Leghorn

    Creepy. As others have noted.

  13. Dr. Moostoffelees, Cow M.D

    These are brilliant, I want one.

  14. Carolina Tudor

    This is sad and sadic, I can believe this is happening. It should be banned immediately. These people need a psychiatric check.

  15. James Shelnutt

    is it just me or does Norm look like he was 'clocked' in the jaw? There's a noticeable bulge at the back side of his jaw. Hope it's not something terrible.

  16. Dontmindif Idooby

    is that gok wan

  17. Sidney Turner

    People realise that the electronics they are using to watch this contribute to deforestation, like the electricity they are using and the fact that they are using fossel fuels (dead animals) is worse than this right?

  18. ThreadThatHas NoEnd

    It's like a Dali painting

  19. Jeff Hulett

    Gross, Norman bates we found you a wife.

  20. 2coixos

    This would be beautiful decors for stop-motion for dream-sequences. Think of movies like Tideland by Terry Gilliam or Pan`s labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro.

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