The Pet Set with Betty White (1971)

Here’s a rare glimpse of Betty’s 1971 syndicated show, “The Pet Set.” Allen Ludden produced this series in which celebrities would drop by with their pets. The show also featured discussions concerning pet care, ecology and wildlife preservation.This particular episode features Roger Caras and Doris Day. You might recognize Roger’s voice from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Look for “Allbets Productions” in the closing credits — a twist on the familiar “Desilu.”

11 Responses to The Pet Set with Betty White (1971)

  1. Steven Patrick Stone

    Both Betty and Doris are still living and both 96 years old

  2. Jenifer Burton

    The two greatest, classiest ladies of all time. I love Doris Day & Betty White!!!

  3. Manon Morin

    Thank you <3

  4. newstarcadefan

    Wow…this is a time capsule.


    I love all the dogs. They are so beautiful. But, I love Bubbles . She is so cute! Love Doris and Betty.

  6. Sinem svintage

    I can't believe! Doris and Betty side by side. Very very thank you for this video. I love Doris. I love Betty. Sooo sweet ladies. ♥ 🙂

  7. Lorie McCaughey

    Doris Day looked so cool in that outfit! Very hip woman!

  8. MrHcast

    What happened to her black and white voice? Lol

  9. stork530

    I loved this show when it was on. I think it's the best pet show ever.

  10. Mia James

    OMG! Thank you SO much!! You have made my day!

  11. thexxit

    Wow, where did you find this? I had lost hope of seeing episodes of this show! Thank you so much for uploading!

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