The Man Who Had His Dog Stuffed | Unique Stories from India

Is this pure love and devotion or has it gone too far?

Captain Santosh Sharma felt a huge void in his life with the passing of his faithful pet, Shery. Unable to deal with the loss of his beloved German Shepherd, Captain Sharma turned to taxidermy to recapture Shery’s essence in his life. Is this the purest form of love that a human being can show for a faithful companion, or this love gone too far?

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18 Responses to The Man Who Had His Dog Stuffed | Unique Stories from India

  1. aakash seth

    Too all of u who r reading this plzz note,beware of human dogs are friendly.!!

  2. JR.Mercy H Periayah

    Cant stop crying!

  3. Amaan Kudroli

    My heart stopped for a second when i saw the dog 🙁 , it was just like when i gave my parrot to the vet and when i came back i saw a picture of it dead

  4. rocking mee

    The unconditional love….
    The true love…

  5. Monika Sharma

    Yeah it can be clearly seen that he loves his dog so much

  6. mayank bhardwaj

    though unique , its insane !

  7. Nayr Inneb Ogaitnas

    I dearly love all of my pets more than humans but when their time come to retire which some did. I will bury them rather than
    stuffed them.
    They are gone but they always in my mind and heart. For consolation I just take a look of their photo which makes me happy and sad at the same time.

  8. Buzzy Bains BeeZ 555


  9. Johnny Bravo

    Seriously he needs help

  10. bac lol

    I could understand his love for dog…. but he is too alone…

  11. The Engineer

    moving forward is most important thing in life. He love her shery but he has to move forward or this soo became his obsession.

  12. Amrit kahlon

    hats off to this man

  13. Amrit kahlon

    i also miss my dog rip oggy

  14. Supriya Sorout

    This is so sad.

  15. Mufasa The Great

    I will become like this guy if I ever loose my baby , my cat mufasa he's the world to me

  16. fucking mate

    this man is very sensitive to his dog.that is appreciated but somewhere he is mentally sick

  17. mukesh reddy

    the word "ill meet you up there" moved me….lucky dog

  18. captain Obvious

    onlu those who have had a pet will understand.
    these two birds you see on my profile picture passed away…I still cry about it.

    the thing is that animals are innocent beings. you don't want bad thing to happen to innocent creatures (even though petting animals is bad thing)
    you become possessive about them as they are only ones who card unconditionally

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