The guests discuss scary animals and taxidermy – The Graham Norton Show: 2017 Preview – BBC One

Programme website: Tom Hiddleston, Ricky Gervais, Ruth Wilson & Tinie Tempah talk about scary animals and taxidermy.

17 Responses to The guests discuss scary animals and taxidermy – The Graham Norton Show: 2017 Preview – BBC One


    you didn't see a funnel web spider up there. they're ground dwelling and live in holes in the ground. He must be confused 🙂

  2. Sue Naughten

    Tom, someone was having a lend of you. Funnel Web spiders do not flit about in the canopy of Queensland rainforests

  3. rnchgrl

    Yes, Tom Hiddleston, that is exactly where it is from and I never knew the name of the movie! Thank you!!!

  4. lola brini

    never seen graham laugh so much in the end, ricky killed him

  5. applepiedelight

    "I need one that died drinking…I'm in a council house" lol

  6. Julz Baby

    I live in Queensland Australia, after watching this I feel like a tough bad arse for living and surviving in the most dangerous place in the world lol

  7. dan taylor

    QUEENSLAND? Since when was Sydney in QUEENSLAND? Atrax Robustus in QUEENSLAND? actors just make shit up. Just any old shite.

  8. Ex Essex

    1:07 I was going to correct Tom H in a know-it-all kind of manner for pointing upwards when talking about funnel-web spiders. But look at this from Wikipedia: "Funnel-webs make their burrows in moist, cool, sheltered habitats—under rocks, in and under rotting logs, some in rough-barked trees (occasionally metres above ground)." He must've been thinking about the last-mentioned (or other spiders.)

  9. Philippa Pay

    Oh, dear God, I am so creeped-out by taxidermy & this just had me hysterical laughing. Now I'll just have to wait & see if I have nightmares because the idea's still floating around in my head.

  10. The Pun of Harts

    Tinie Tempah is a national treasure

  11. Jennifer Eddy

    I watch Mike Myers the funny one.

  12. Jennifer Eddy

    Ethan Allen?

  13. Jennifer Eddy

    Ricky Gervais is sad.

  14. Jennifer Eddy

    WTF is a duckbilled platypus. I want the mini elephants, that was a long time ago.

  15. MrTingles

    ricky with all these handsome people, just hanging out with his gut, not givin a fuck

  16. taliwakka27

    Lol the funniest thing is graham's reaction to gervais's jokes. He's got such a no bullshit laugh

  17. Suzanne Amsalem can count on a Queenslander..

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