The first perpetual motion machine

Thef first perpetual motion machine

20 Responses to The first perpetual motion machine

  1. floyd mullins II


  2. Juno Moruno

    huevada pendejo, y quien paga la electricidad,

  3. n0bl3h0bo


  4. Sebastian Arias

    hahahaahhhha this will provoque me pepetual laughing

  5. Realist Dot Nerd

    It's not perpetual motion when the output/input energy is wind…

  6. Alex K.

    dude i like your vacumn. what kind of lens did you use?

  7. I/O

    o crap, just listen to us, the kids have more constructive imagination than you old mans, i´m one kid too, that´swhy i tell this to you

  8. chionkie

    hahahahahah…very nice….it lessens my depression…like it

  9. orial

    I use one of these to power my car, very effective and saves me a fortune!!

  10. unclearless

    Am I the only person that sees a correlation with VERY short video's and rubbish? If I had created a true PM machine, I would buy the best camera possible, and describe it in detail for hours. At least he admitted fault, and in todays world, that is to be admired. ~Kevin~

  11. Lucas Frost

    lmao i thumbed up for the laughs i had.

  12. siflrock

    you should hook up the spinning chair to a generator that powers the fan. infinate energy!!11!!! problem electricfaags? (trollface)

  13. ardvark84

    @monkey911t You should told us that all of your cars are radio controlled toys:)

  14. tsbrownie

    @ProJectGamingStudio Clearly there is a unity+ generator in the base of the "windmill".

  15. Alex Qi

    @Bearz314 I believe you were thinking about the third law of thermodynamics. It states that neither energy nor matter can be created or destroyed, they can only be transformed.

  16. Bearz314

    Not trying to be mean or something XD But a perpetual machine WILL NOT exist, because it has been proven (Sorry – forgot the name of the Law)

    The Law says that the output will always be lower than the input because of energy loss.

    I want to defy this law somehow >:D

    But good job anyway 😀

  17. TheFsxmad

    Well done, you've invented the propellor

  18. HelloNothingincommon

    S T U P I D ! ! !

  19. Stuart Morawski

    nice windmill… those already exist fyi

  20. rinnenganrasen

    tiene enrergia dah

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