The Carbonaro Effect – Kenneled Dog

20 Responses to The Carbonaro Effect – Kenneled Dog

  1. PerfectParadox

    not my proudest fap

  2. Stephanie Johnson

    He moves the kennel thing from left to right or for. One end of the table to another . The dogs must be under the table .

  3. Coach Renaldo

    0:47 A Laberdoodle?

  4. Hegyi Dani

    Im the only one who thought about "asian eating a dog" jokes through the video?

  5. j127 jaso

    She wasn't worried about the dog, she was worried about Thomas killing her. LOL!

  6. Katie Sickles

    Damn puppy selling joint. BAD puppy mill places

  7. seapickle69

    of course the girl doesn’t care about that flat pancake head ass dog

  8. Nikk I.

    70% Of comments: WALKER IS ADORABLE
    20% Of Comments: THIS SHOW IS FAKE (No shit)
    10% Of Comments: RACIST ASIAN JOKES

  9. Jays Boutique

    At 1:44 is where they stopped, and put the dog inside the Kennell… it kind of freezes up, and the actress holds her position for the swap. notice how she does not move, but when 1:44 hits her location changes in the camera by a little bit

  10. Julia Salazar

    como lo hace guauuuuuu

  11. Lucas Tegani

    Esse efeito carbonaro é muito bom

  12. katkowalski314

    i would probably cry

  13. Richard Ashton

    Yeah, but; did you really smash my dog!!!!!!!!

  14. Gentlestacy

    The dog is like what just happen

  15. Salty

    is micheal carbanaro zach king

  16. NDNG-Egehan Ateş

    download link ?

  17. พัชรินทร์ โพธิ์ทับทิม


  18. Joey G

    What type of moron actually believes that and she laughs when she sees the dog get crushed.

  19. zombie crew inc.

    that puppy is cute


    "it's a Japanese kenneling system" don't you mean Korean?

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