The Best Female Taxidermist in the South

Amy Ritchie is a hunter, a piano prodigy, and a champion taxidermist. We visited her in North Carolina and listened to her life story, which she told us while skinning a fox.

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19 Responses to The Best Female Taxidermist in the South

  1. Nikki Kidd

    I wonder if she was into hunting first or the other way around. The reason I say that is because it seems to me that she may have started off hunting, such as myself in order to eat. I know plenty of hunters that get into taxidermy. Some are just proud and some just want to honor the sacrifice the animals make so we can eat. I think it's all about respect for the life you are taking and making sure you honor it. It's your choice how you do that and I think it's a mistake to assume we know how someone feels about it but we definitely have to remind one another to always be thankful for the sacrifice and never take for granted what nature has to offer.

  2. Waqar video

    Who else wants to taxidermy her and keep her for the rest of the life.

  3. Rabbit ButtPlug

    I got a fucking fat acceptance ad before this video… Plus it had no skip button so I has to watch it. Fucking SJWs are everywhere

  4. Ben Smith

    that wasn't a cross bow fyi

  5. Kuta Nath

    Autistic spectrum piano-savant taxidermy lady is sexy as hell.

  6. Killer Whale

    She goes out and kills animals to do that? Yea id say that's a bit unfair…

  7. Watershake99

    If a date told me that she is a taxidermist I'd propably leave through the window.

  8. travis mullins

    that is my dreme

  9. Opinunate ted

    I actually knew a petite woman who did taxidermy, as well as wrestling aligators, kung fu, keeping reptiles and other feminine pursuits.

  10. 2140lacy

    i would like to be a taxidermist myself but if she doesnt even eat them then that is wrong

  11. Star~child

    She's better looking imo than the other "hottest" taxidermist

  12. Fackao

    Taxidermy is art, but I really don't like taxidermists who hunt just to skin and sell the finished pieces.

  13. Les Sinco

    im not being mean but UK taxidermy is alot nicer because we dont hunt animals we usaly do roadkil. probably because guns are not east to buy

  14. Tuna Funk

    She is very cute and has many amazing hobbies. Much less disturbing than "world's hottest taxidermist", a title which she could easily have herself.

  15. branil4

    She has really great skin! Her face is so clear and dewy. Wonder what products she uses lol

  16. IPHANIE Nerema

    Yes, the rednecks in South Carolina eat possum

  17. SpidahRidah

    Isn't that a bow, not a crossbow?
    Furthermore, I hope that they make use of the animals' meat as well, so it doesn't go to waste. Otherwise, a lovely lady with a cool hobby.

  18. Doris Torres

    Wow! You are amazing, fantastic work.

  19. Devin Gutierrez

    5:06 is what a special-ed fox would look like

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