The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds (Full Album Minus Let’s Go Away For Awhile)

Possibly the best album of all time… would have had a better chance if the boys had a bit more singing range. Let’s Go Away For Awhile is blocked due to copyright.

20 Responses to The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds (Full Album Minus Let’s Go Away For Awhile)

  1. 10 1977

    Best album ever is Revolver.

  2. 10 1977

    Best album ever is Revolver

  3. Derpyderp

    I guess the Beatles were at an advantage because they had 2.5 Brian Wilsons whilst the Beach Boys only had one.

  4. laika noosh

    Mowing down some Counter-Strike N00bs to this beautiful piece of art XD

  5. Simon Robeyns

    everyone's saying this is the best thing ever, sure wouldnt it be nice is a fine tune but i gotta see about the rest of the album

  6. jp7feet

    It may be a fact that vinyl tracks more in playback but I swear I hear things for the first time on some digital tracks. If this were analogous to one of the roads I peddled my old English racer 1000 a month on when I was a lost teen using my only two escapes, cycling and music, I knew ever tiny bump. It is so beautiful. I may die soon but I'm excited. Thank you.

  7. Eduardo Scalada

    simply the best!

  8. Dan Naccarato

    Through Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson
    harmonically whispers & shouts
    human frustration & triumph
    longing & love
    melancholy & jubilation
    frailty & strength
    doubt & hope.
    Does anybody else hear what I hear?

  9. Vws Vas

    One of the best 1960s rock albums, the only Beach Boys album i like.

  10. Jeffrey Richardson

    Sharon's simplicity

  11. Jeffrey Richardson

    Mother's ironing…

  12. John Doe

    Used to listen to this album as a kid a lot along with the Beatles. It's a damn nostalgia trip every time I hear any of their songs, glad to see this on YouTube, thanks op

  13. mjc

    Don't know why this album is always referred to as a such a masterpiece.Except for a few songs it's bland,..even annoying.And it's intolerable here because of all these fing ads ! Sgt Pepper is also way overrated

  14. TrevForPresident

    If you let this touch you… and I mean really embrace it, this is easily one of the best albums of all time. There's not a track you can/should skip. A MASTUPEACE

  15. Rick Manning

    are you talking about probably the best album of all time no way it's their best album Pink Floyd has their best album The Beatles all their albums are great goes on and on and they started out being idiots Beach and surf music sorry I grew up in the Midwest

  16. Sean Myers

    I'm a metal drummer and had to give this a listen it's definitely different and experimental in a cool way

  17. Tom Shaw

    Pointless. Why would you remove one of the most compelling and emotional tracks on the album?

  18. Emily Rosenberg

    when wouldn’t it be nice i just started sobbing. damn nostalgia

  19. John Vanden Heuvel

    Do I hear a Mellotron? They were listed as Mellotron users in the music magazine ads.

  20. Ben Tokarz

    Singing Range? They are one of the best pop acts in history for their harmonies.

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