The Amish: A People of Preservation

The Amish keep surprising their technology-programmed neighbors by keeping alive ways and beliefs that many modern Americans wish they could recapture. Mennonite historian John Ruth takes us sympathetically into the Amish mindset in this 1975 documentary. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams,193
An updated version of this film is available on DVD through

20 Responses to The Amish: A People of Preservation

  1. ron hat

    What people are saying here about the Amish is incorrect and goofy. They make a living by preying on normal people. They are just another bunch of religious radicals. They have recently moved into my small community here in Tennessee and now everyone wants them to leave. Yesterday, one of their silly horse drawn wagons was smashed by a truck.

  2. IGOR

    Les 1°s ca dit quoi

  3. I Win

    i live right next door to them . have been for 21 years . but i am sorry to say most of them are very selfish people . they drive you nuts wanting rides all the. time wanting to use your cell phone non stop . i let my amish neighbor farm my 3 acres for free . just so i wouldn't have to mow it . but he refused to let me on his one day to mushroom hunt . not all of them are like this but most are a pain in the ass . all of the outsiders think there real neat and like to be around them but not for long bunch of users is all they are

  4. Nancy Peery

    A beautiful and simple way of life. Something very much missing in today's high paced, technological culture. Enjoyed seeing a clip of the threshing machine used to seperate the straw from the seed.

  5. Rebecca Meister


  6. Rebecca Meister

    i admire and respect their way of life but the have their own interpretation of the Bible , like the faceless dolls and not using electric in the homes.

  7. Jimmy Camilleri

    I love this kind of peopel

  8. fish bord

    i find the amish to be a pathetic people. simple, noble but still pathetic.

  9. Stephen Mikesell

    To Linda Williams, for some reason your post lacks means to comment, but I'd like to reply that I'm unsure how socialism and communism are necessarily equivocal to sustainable methods. These are political ideologies, whereas sustainability has to do with how well human activity fits preserving natural and agro-ecosystems (ref. Robert Gliesson). Communism assumes dissolution of private property, whereas small farms and associated private property has been an essential element of agricultural intensification characteristic of small farms (ref: eg., Robert Mc. Netting). Both socialism and communism have been associated with highly centralized bureaucratic states, and in practice like monopoly capitalism they've proved themselves antithetical to sustainability.

  10. Ronald Tugublimas

    I really adore this kind of people. As I can see how the technology and the worth of money changes the life of the modern society. There will be world peace if the whole world has the same "Amish ideological belief." I would like to be with these people my entire life and live in peace fairly. They don't have much education as what we have but I know that they are contented and happy. This is what life really means to me.

  11. ThreeFingerG

    Ironic brohoof? (/

  12. JUSTME543212345

    so im guessing thier ipod is helpful when raising cattle so that way they arent bored

  13. Stephen Mikesell

    I guess that this would be an expected response, since this is what the US military has been doing to small farmers the world over. Remember Moro Crater (Philippines), My Lai (Viet Nam), to mention just two. More generally, US commercial and agricultural policy in hand with the World Bank has, without understanding them, been engaged in dismantling small farmer adaptations and cultures all over the world, despite their energy efficiency, high productivity, and sustainable methods.

  14. Stephen Mikesell

    If by education, you mean "schooled," you probably are right since they school their children only to grade 9. If by education you mean knowledge and skills, you are wrong. What well-schooled PhD, given a horse and plow and some tools could feed him/herself and others, build their own house, etc. Non-Amish friends who've set up a growing farming community in Wisconsin are still trying to figure out how to approach two mules acquired two years ago, much less to get them to pull a plow.

  15. Stephen Mikesell

    Actually this is a characteristic of small-hold farmers the world over, whether it is Nepalese terrace-farmers, African farmers of the Jos plateau, or Chinese rice farmers, not just Amish. They take what they see will fit in and can be useful, and will leave things that don't fit in with intensive farming systems. Before castigating them, read, for example, at least the prologue and epilogue anthropologist Robert Netting's book, "Smallholders, Householders."

  16. JUSTME543212345

    this is not true these amish fucks have watches, electric stoves ipods and everything

  17. AmishTunes

    Nice video thanks!

  18. Eli Jackson

    mmhmm, for did not Jesus say
    blessed are those who toil in the earth, for they are truly the chosen of God
    think Calhoun said it too back in the day
    y'all leavin all these hateful comments one way or the other, could learn a few things from that blessed book
    could learn a few things from them amish about hard work

  19. DisturbiaWolf13

    Not really. They're pretty uneducated.

  20. Judyp77

    What wonder is who do the Amish marry?

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