Testas Tuesdays Tips Squirrel Mount Part 1

Chuck goes through the first steps in mounting a squirrel.

20 Responses to Testas Tuesdays Tips Squirrel Mount Part 1

  1. Jed Sanders

    Funniest thing happened to me. I tried to do this shit with my dead pet guinea pig and for some reason it had parasitic mites all over it. Now i have them and i cant get rid of them, all because i tried to do something that i thought was cool. Im going to kill myself now….

  2. Trevor Holland

    I got a question I'm doing my first mount and it's a fox squirrel would it be best to cut the bottom side of the squirrel and do a laying down mount that's how I seen the squirrel before it ran up the tree but if I messed up sowing since it's my first one would it be best to do it like that so I could hide it if I do mess up

  3. KY Trapping Outdoors

    I think the sewing part is a needed part and if people don't like it then they must not be very interested in taxidermy, as far as learning. I love to see it all from beginning to end that's part of the job and it's very important so Roll-Film AND Action ! Great video you're a nut dude lol

  4. Madonnafanme

    Hi Chuck, wanted to ask you some questions privately. Can you contact me or can I contact you via email. Its about Taxidermy. Would love to ask you a few questions about a project I'm working on and need a professionals advice. Aaron

  5. randolph caudell

    do you have any advice on freezer burn on a bear cape?

  6. ET787

    This is evil, i don't like this

  7. Ryan Bugica

    Lets skin a duck chuck

  8. Sallie Wilson

    "We're just going to go with it"- me when I do taxidermy.

  9. Jacob Dyck

    the amount of clay he put in, it will like like the squirrel has a boner

  10. Gary Mccoy

    what type of hyde paste do you use

  11. Gary Mccoy

    are squirrels a very good seller

  12. John117markVIspartan


  13. Malakai Lillmars

    Depends on where you go, or if you do it yourself. If you do it yourself, probably no more than $60-$80. To get it professionally done, it may depend on the taxidermist. It is usually around $90-$200, based on quality.

  14. Charles Nixon

    what does it cost to get a squirrel mounted

  15. Poppy

    Y U DISLIKE?! No, seriously, why did you dislike?

  16. mushab

    1 dislike? Cmon! I'll dislike this video so this video has 2 dislikes. 🙂

  17. Spenc1726

    I bet you thought you were going to sleep.. NOPE! Chuck Testa

  18. Beebop dillydo

    I think I was the only one who caught the "Prolly asking where the bong I threw away is." xD

  19. Jezdamayel Caster

    chicken <3

  20. jsbret2729

    Nope just chuck testa!

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