Testa’s Taxidermy Tip’s – One way to skin a Bobcat (Part 1)

Chuck explains one way to skin a predator

19 Responses to Testa’s Taxidermy Tip’s – One way to skin a Bobcat (Part 1)

  1. KY Trapping Outdoors

    I think what your doing is Awesome and great for the youth and others to learn hunting and skinning and taxidermy ways.

  2. Amber Franke

    When I grow up i want to do fur trade, in a less painful way. But putting the animals in cage traps, give them a needle to put them down. Then work on the Fur!

  3. KittyCat Gamer


  4. Kevin Clark

    not having a tip on the knife is an accident waiting to happen…..I know you don't need my money but please buy a new knife for your safety…I enjoy watching your videos too much to see you with a knife through your hand…my friend had that happen and the last thing he said before cutting himself is "I will just do this last one then I will change it"…safety first is what I am teaching my 9 year old…who wants to be a taxidermist

  5. Bobcat Squad

    The retarded 9 year olds need to get out of the comment section. He did NOT kill this cat. He taxidermys it. Would you rather he just throw the pelt out? A hunter probably brought the bobcat to him. Bobcats are over populated in some areas. It's time you be a big boy or girl and FACE REALITY. Actually do some research before running your ignorant mouth. Plus you were the one that watched this.

  6. Patrick Singleton

    It's reality get used to it

  7. A.CArtist Cifuentes

    Would you like if someone cut you up and skinned you so rude and to me it's rude because I'm an animal love give me a thumbs up if you agree with me and This will break many people's hearts because many people are animal lovers

  8. A.CArtist Cifuentes

    You are a monster

  9. kanatapaw

    suck fucker.

  10. Pork Hunt

    Nice technique, buy I'd split it down the belly, and cut down to the paws and tail, round the head etc. Cold here atm, lotsa feral cats around, but by the time it cures winter wood be over. What about the pads and claws> wood the claws fall out, an how much tissue can u leave on the feet? Think the head wood hang down over front, dunno what dan'l boone used, but thought I'd split the head for earmuffs, or split it back far enough to be able to tie it like a tie, mite even be able to match both sides of the head together, boil the skull and use it as a brooch, or tie ring. Probably make gloves and moccasins too. Great natural resource not being utilised… Sure a few dollars to the vet, save the euthanised cats from crematorium. Nice little cottage industry? Market it as feral cats, saving native wildlife etc, then maintain supply from cat shelters… Everyone loves cats, and when they dead they dead, no fun anymore.

  11. Akemi Cautiver

    don't forget to wear gloves ☺

  12. Hally 4009

    This is what happens when the cat eats the pot pie…

  13. fromtheUK UK

    There was a bullet hole in that poor bob cat, i love texidermy but i do not agree with killing the animal for that reason, but its your life, cant stop you.

  14. Thor Fisher

    I dont get why people watch a video, knowing what its about, then act suprised and be offended about the video. The cat died humanely. One shot and a quick death is better than dying of thirst, starvation, or other predators. PETA people, along with the liberals and others who fail to realize where food comes from, please stick to CNN and worshipping obama and leave the rest of america alone, and to the fapper, kill yourself

  15. Thor Fisher

    Cant wait to try this out during bobcat season

  16. TheAgape111

    You killed him for it!!? for your pleasure!??

  17. john collins

    if you have a pelt laid out with salt. then flyes get on it if they lay eggs for maggets will the salt kill them before they mess it up.?

  18. john smith

    there is a diffirence between shooting at a wild animal for sport, and killing a domesticated animal for meat and skin. some people like to go into nature and enjoy its beauty, others like to destroy everything they come into contact with.

  19. DenSaft

    U sick bastard what if the cat taxidermys you ? U sick shit

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