Terrible Animal Taxidermy FAILS From Around The World!

Here’s some terribly creepy and funny examples of animal taxidermy FAILS from around the world.

20 Responses to Terrible Animal Taxidermy FAILS From Around The World!

  1. Stillo Chillino...

    My Mother used to tell me 'they' were going to do this to the queen when she died.

  2. greenpegasus88sz

    I'm no taxidermist …..I doubt the ppl who stuffed those poor creatures wer, either….lol

  3. dominicanbeauty34

    I think 0:30 is a painting

  4. Dr Lee Percussion

    This is so fucked!!

  5. whenwolveshowlismile

    this is what happens when people want to do taxidermy and don't do the courses XD

  6. natethehuman

    I want to snuggle all of them

  7. vickie wee

    00:36 needs its own website! lol

  8. vickie wee

    00:36 need its own website! LOL

  9. Haley Whitefoot

    at 2:30 it looked like a waisted owl.

  10. catherine haas

    these animals are scary but the music is just too mich, I cannot stop laughing XD

  11. JeidoCupcake!

    omg i laughed all the way thru XD

  12. Holly M

    What the hell were these people thinking lmao 0:35 and 1:35 are awesome though haha. Troll cat and hookah fox 😀

  13. Amanda Daviner

    That song was about as funny as the pictures!

  14. Finn O

    In the olden days taxidermy and pelts of rare animals was a great gift for foreign nobles. I think that lion went to the king of Norway. But he was only given the skin. The taxidermist had never seen a lion so they messed up the teeth and… pretty much everything else.

  15. Lynette Frick

    what is the name of that song!?

  16. John Smith

    The song is … creepy.

  17. John Smith

    The Depression Dog… is a Taxidermy?

  18. Arty MF

    Very funny, with a shock ending. Hehe

  19. Martine Camille Dupont

    I loooooove the song hahahaha

  20. Antifoul Awl

    2:07 that's that hyperactive nut-chasing rodent from the Ice Age films

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