Taxidermy’s Best in Show | The New York Times

Competitors vie for the top spot at the World Taxidermy Championships, held in Springfield, Mo., and billed as “The Greatest Taxidermy Show on Earth.”

Produced by: Brent McDonald

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Taxidermy’s Best in Show | The New York Times

17 Responses to Taxidermy’s Best in Show | The New York Times

  1. Luna fan031

    Man you you think guys are so scared to enter a female dominated field?

  2. Taxidermy Mount

    Hello everyone, very interesting video, cognitive!
    Also you can see Central Europe and Africa on this site

  3. KY Trapping Outdoors

    I think Amy Carters baby fox was more real then the judge says in my opinion a adolescence baby kit fox would more then likely not be looking right at something as they roll and play their eyes roll and wander at the same time so dumb judge I think

  4. Μάξιμος S. Porras

    I respect them.

  5. Kynda

    This is amazing. It's fascinating to see something that could've been forgotten forever being brung back to life via Taxidermy. I have a soft mounted Taxidermy wolf and many fox and coyote tails. I love Taxidermy. Idc what anyone says. 🙂

  6. Ouroboros

    Lets kill a cute baby fox in nature to make its skin looks cute in shows.

  7. lui ventura

    oh my gosh i love it

  8. KingViz

    Got to find a girl that does this so i dont have to spend hundreds

  9. Manea Scott

    They do it to basically put the life back into something

  10. yvonneost12

    Congrat's to the lady in blue

  11. Richmond Caguioa

    Why would you kill an innocent animal just to stuff them like wtf?

  12. TrueHeartedLad

    did anyone else see the archeopteryx at 2:06 ?

  13. Yvette • WHY DON'T WE

    Were these animals already dead?!

  14. fullstrutn

    hey Amie ,,the youngest person to ever win in a BIG show

  15. Hugh Mobley

    I have really strong memories of when I submitted my work in the late 70's early 80's to Joe Kish's (of Taxidermy Review and Denver Museum fame)competitions in Denver Colorado. Always a point or two off a Blue I asked Joe Kish to let me know what else I could do, He told me keep it up, "I had It" meaning alot from him, On my mounts, I always tanned the hide myself, sculpted the manikins and made them myself, made all my own jaw sets with dental acrylic after making silicone molds, What I learned in Taxidermy I use it in my photography business making it easier to see things.

  16. Pikachu Productions

    I want to do this

  17. Michael Choki

    I want to see emily graslie of thebrainscoop on these things in the future!!

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