taxidermy whitetail deer part 6

7 Responses to taxidermy whitetail deer part 6

  1. The Canine Nutritionist

    Many people want to rewild their hearts – reconnect with other nature – and it’s incredibly easy to do without causing any harm. So, when will the unnecessary killing stop? I hope sooner than later because it’s just not necessary to cause harm and to kill to have a healthy meal plan. So, do some people simply enjoy killing other animals? It seems they do or else they wouldn’t do it.

  2. Bobbi Meyer

    salt water and kemal 4 or RelaxR

  3. luke keelan

    plz tell me how to would rehydrate a skin

  4. Justin Elder

    Cool video and hobby Bobbi. Cheers.

  5. huntingpa12

    ever meet fred barilla

  6. MistyWater7

    I like it when you tell stories as you do the work, instead of just silence.

  7. TheOutdoorsmanJoe

    awesome job so far going on over to finish work prt1

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