taxidermy video mounting a northern pike

`complete start to finish video on mounting a northern pike

20 Responses to taxidermy video mounting a northern pike

  1. fullstrutn

    I was sweating watching you swing that thing around painting the backside ,,hoping you didn't bang a fin against the stand YIKES!

  2. timbazi

    you mist a spot

  3. Alexis' Fishin', Huntin', and Farming Show

    what is the animal in the tip left, too small to be a cougar

  4. Ivan Goh

    01:02:00 LOL.


    Brutal process..

  6. BoxBlind74

    looks sharp

  7. Tim Hines

    good video thank you! Though it sounds like honey boo boo's mom is heavy breathing behind the camera.

  8. Adrian

    what kind of white plaster did you use inside the teeth meat

  9. kountryfan

    Damn you are insanely good.

  10. Fishhunter2014

    did that guy come out of fort peck?

  11. Breyanna Catlett

    Thanks! I have been entertained and educated, yay!

  12. 82sean1

    nice job!!!!

  13. chasrand62

    Nice job. Learned a lot. Thanks.

  14. santiago barrientos

    Where can I learn to taxidermy

  15. kumogina


  16. zxxy

    3 hour video?
    Nope, Chuck Testa.

  17. Firstok Lastyes

    what is the is ratio of the med bass green / bright silver and black

  18. Roch Lachapelle

    OMG amazing talent bud, trough artist,one day I will take it up

  19. Christopher Turner


  20. Tyler H

    3 hours? Ain't nobody got time for Dat!

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