Taxidermy Tutorial: Flying Waterfowl Wings

In this video, I show how I wire and pose flying waterfowl wings. This is the technique I use for smaller species such as mallards, teal, wood ducks, canvasbacks, etc. For geese and swans, I use a different technique that will be covered at a later date.

11 Responses to Taxidermy Tutorial: Flying Waterfowl Wings

  1. blkrubber1

    very good and enjoyable video to watch. bird taxidermy is the most fun.

  2. Shlupe Dalupe

    Can i do the same as this on the legs

  3. Avery Faulkner

    Thanks for the video, helped out a lot to refer back to doing my first bird. If your still looking for help filming I'm about an hour from Raliegh. If interested let me know I'll give you my contact info.

  4. Randy Wise

    great tip thanks

  5. Randy Wise

    are you putting anything inside the wing to cure the area where you did not skin back all the way

  6. Brennon Berard

    Very good tips. This video helped me a lot. Thanks for posting.

  7. Heather Dvorak

    Too bad you live in NC, I'd volunteer to help you film for some training. I'm an embalmer, my husband wants me to learn and I'm also interested as I grew up with a brother who did taxidermy.

  8. William Eigenman

    Thank you for the reply. I have a mallard Drake to mount this weekend. Keep the videos coming.

  9. William Eigenman

    I really enjoy your taxidermy videos I only do taxidermy as a hobby and for some family members I found your videos very educational I was wondering what you use to mount a duck in a flying position to the The habitat?

  10. garred schyma

    awesome video the best i have seen yet very knowledgeable 

  11. curlew ben

    thanks for taking the time to upload the video, i have only just started taxidermy and learned a lot from your video, would you recommend just pinning a bird wing on a standing mount or wiring the whole wing as with a flying mount, and im finding im having to cut the end of the humerus bone off to make the wing look right, im also using wood wool for a form, so dont know if using a foam body would be a better thing to use, cheers.

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