Taxidermy Time Lapse – Lion

This is a time lapse video of an African lion being mounted at The Wildlife Gallery.

8 Responses to Taxidermy Time Lapse – Lion

  1. Wolfy72201 AJ

    I hope this died of a natural cause otherwise it would be poaching.

  2. MarlonMax

    artist and killers

  3. Nazra Sadique

    how did it die !

  4. Phee Phee

    Wow! Great job guys

  5. Utkarsh Bhatt

    is this real or fake ? how are taxidermy made?

  6. Eddie Hernandez

    how much do one of these cost lol

  7. Josie Does Stuff?

    Plz tell me all of these animals pass away from natural causes

  8. Mathias Deitos

    Great job! Taxidermy is a real art.

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