Taxidermy Time Lapse – Crocodile

This is a time lapse video of a crocodile being mounted at The Wildlife Gallery in Blanchard MI.

11 Responses to Taxidermy Time Lapse – Crocodile

  1. Ross Clark

    Don't kill the crocodiles just because you want them as a decoration.

  2. Pongsakorn Sukontapol

    woh!! this looked so real

  3. Mohab Amr

    What is the name of the music

  4. Puffer Fish

    Guess whoes back?

  5. Sheeping

    As a kid, I thought taxidermy meant they just dipped the dead animal into a chemical that hardened it up and dried it out. And by "as a kid", I mean up until 2 minutes ago.

  6. Confetti Cloud

    I love reptiles… (no hate I hunt lol)

  7. WolfySnackrib666

    Can I kiss the crocodile when he's finished?

  8. NotMostGirls

    Are these animals killed specifically to facilitate this process or are they ethically sourced?

  9. brendon carrick

    Wow, great video. A lot of hard work went into making that. Do you guys know the soundtrack you had as the background?

  10. Adriana H

    I laughed a little by how funny it look when it was facing down at the end

  11. Rebecca Woodward

    Simply amazing

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