Taxidermy step-by-step

Learn Taxidermy step-by-step in the video.

20 Responses to Taxidermy step-by-step

  1. Sintija Str.

    Its not normal

  2. daniel johansson

    its stuffing an animal btw. not mounting

  3. Orhan Kemal

    Thanks for video … ı want but a plactic materyal a duck? Where I buy ?

  4. doyouzgot2knw

    I wonder if theirs a pungent smell when doing this type of work

  5. Alex Bob

    so cool and absolutely a wonderful job!!

  6. SavageHmr

    Do you use borax on the skin

  7. RICK

    Nice work.I really enjoyed the vid thanks you for posting.

  8. Peppi Pea

    I just hope that for all who are interested in taxidermy to please do not kill an animal just for sport and to be able to hang it on your wall as a trophy. We are to kill animals inorder to eat their meat for food ONLY!…and bury and/or throw away the remaining portion of it.

  9. Happyist

    my cat had dragged in a great spotted woodpecker this day and i would like to make it my first mount.. however it must have laid there for a while because it was rather stiff and its not in the greatest condition… but how can i "soften it up"?

  10. David Larney

    Interested to know more about the head. You leave the skull in, but pack it out with clay. But how do you get to gooy bits (duck brains) out? And how do you pluck out the eyes?

  11. spring trap™

    how you make the body

  12. Mike Gonzales

    I live in modesto, I'm good at rabbit pelts but have never done a bird well. I would like to get a greenhead or Canadian before season closes. Would it be possible ,if I brought one on a weekend, for me to watch the process in person.?

  13. Connor Sandusky

    It looks so easy but i know its not good video

  14. FullerProductions#282

    "If you only learn one thing about Carpentry, it's that wood working, is carpentry" it's a craft that takes Steady hands, wood, metal, nail guns, hammers, chisel, a saw and most importantly on my first hunt I learned how to use a shotgun properly!"

  15. Veronica Blane

    I am interested in doing this but I will only use animals that have naturally died

  16. Joseph Seay

    i can survive that i thought it would come out in hundreds of pieces

  17. 77krazie

    What about the tanning process?

  18. Bruce Wayne

    brilliant. This has helped a lot.

  19. Pepper Conchobhar

    You make it look so easy, brother. 🙂

  20. linachieng

    the country song throughout 

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