TAXIDERMY – Mounting a Squirrel the simple & traditional way.

WARNING this is a taxidermy film please do not open this if you are sensitive to such. A film showing step by step and with simple materials and methods ways to mount a road killed Squirrel.

20 Responses to TAXIDERMY – Mounting a Squirrel the simple & traditional way.

  1. Myra Saenz

    Thanks for this Video. I have some Rabbits that I need to do.

  2. Gazir Sayed

    what did u inject in its foot

  3. yeti Speghetti

    loved the video, I feel like I can afford this!!

  4. Tiara Phillips

    I'm working on my first one and I can't get the tail all the way out. it broke off! I'm afraid if I split it, I'll mess it up.

  5. brian arenas

    Can you use cotton sheets instead of the fiberglass? Please respond

  6. Hagen Schagen crew

    But the only thing I hate about hunters is that sometimes when they shoot an animal they jump up and yell that is not the proper way because they do not show any respect for the animal

  7. Hagen Schagen crew

    R u a hunter cause I am and I believe that animals shouldn't be left to rot too love the video too

  8. Dale Jarrett

    great video I was just getting I to things like this not roadkill but taxidermy. lol

  9. Mr. RANDOM

    can help please throw the meat then do other things

  10. Annlouise Dufort

    awesome!! Thanks!

  11. Rosa Elizondo

    awesome video i learned a lot how do you make it so it wont stink

  12. Daniel Kiver

    hello sir just wanna ask you wht kind of powder you are using sir?

  13. Ian Arnold

    Great glass eye tip

  14. Indio Gigante Salinas

    qual o produto que voce usa para conservar a pele ?

  15. Braden Summitt

    what u do with mouth ad eyes

  16. Ricky white

    did you use a mask handeling the glass as it can kill you?

  17. RickDoggEnt

    hey great video! i have a question how would i go about mounting a racoon in a pose with its teeth showing is there anyway i can leave the full or front half skull atached to the skin i am quite confused. i know i want the teeth showing hahaha any advice, thank your video has inspired me 🙂

  18. Michael Rich

    The borax dries the hide easy enough with a rodent there isn't too much fat, when you get into raccoon and bigger game I suggest fleshing degreasing and pickling. To Pickle 3-4 coins 2 gallons of water and 2 gallons of White distilled vinegar and 4lbs of non iodine salt . Helpful hint is to boil a gallon then add salt to it and mix into existing bucket of fluids leave for 3 days stirring 1-2 times a day. For 3-5 days depending on how well you have fleshed it.

    Awesome video my friend

  19. Oliver S.

    why did you not wash the hide?

  20. Obama Bin Black Man

    can you just sit one of these things whole in a freezer for a year or so and dry it out, would that work for preservation?

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