taxidermy mounting a rainbow trout

complete start to fihisn vidoe

11 Responses to taxidermy mounting a rainbow trout

  1. Peter Berg

    I wonder if that mullet took a month of sundays to get that perfect.

  2. Hunter Hopwood

    OK so I just caught a 4.5lb rainbow trout today and I'm not a big trout guy is that good enough to mount???

  3. frederick heyburn

    Great to watch and you do a great job on your fish thanks

  4. Gary Caine

    You should make Paypal one of your payment options.

  5. Tears To Roses

    like so lol he says it way to much like so

  6. Lee Moskey

    You do an excelent job on your fish.

  7. Max Havok

    ok..that fish needed a paint job…..still seems pointless to me to mount a fish if ur just gonna have to paint it :0/

  8. Gavin Gallagher

    this guy is amazing

  9. wampaAWESOMEsauce

    about 6 dollars in bait to go catch one

  10. 782Matty

    Now how much would it cost me to get a rainbow trout around the same size as this one mounted to completion?

  11. Myles Hanson

    your videos are a dream come true for me

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