Taxidermy – Mounting a Perch

A step by step guide also following up questions asked about previous films. This film leads into “Painting a mounted Perch”

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  1. fullstrutn

    fish and chips with marrow fat peas ? MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fantastic meal thank you for educating the public you can have your mount and eat it too

  2. James henderson

    love your vids

  3. Southeast Fun

    Thanks. This is the best mount video ever this will help abunch good job on the video and the fish. Turned out great. Nice.

  4. John Gage

    Thanks that is exactly the look im going for.

  5. Peterwoodarts

    I certainly can help you there – looking at my trout films, esp. rainbow you will notice I used a pearlescent powder you can buy in red, blue, purple etc. I simply mix it with a little PVA white glue and water to glaze thinly and it gives that oily, pearl sheen you require! 🙂 By swirling the strokes or glazing thinly etc. you can experiment? Do this at the end of your painting, before clear varnishing.

  6. John Gage

    I have wacthed several of your fish taxidermy videos and your paint jobs are great, i am working on a catfish i recently caught, it is mounted and drying but i noticed when i was skinning it that the lower part of the body had a bit of a oil slik look with some purples and blue swirls and wanted to know if you had any tips on how to try and get that look when i go to paint it.

  7. Peterwoodarts

    Yes, methods will be similar whatever, although you guys use lures and multipliers far more.

  8. Justin Lee

    Thanks this might help when I go to Tennessee next year

  9. Peterwoodarts

    Funny you should mention that as we are part way into making a film on the local river going for Pike and Perch. Perch being predatory will go for spinners, small fish/live bait and sometimes dead bait, worms and even wet fly. Depends on their size and where they are lurking. Deep holes under trees, by reed beds, under weirs, alongside deep banks and gullies, even under lilies and moored boats!

  10. Justin Lee

    Could you tell me some fishing methods for perch? Thanks

  11. Peterwoodarts

    That's really nice to hear Justin, well done – send me some photos of your work sometime – bet you can teach me a thing or two now? 🙂

  12. Justin Lee

    I watched this video about 3 years ago and now I am doing fish taxidermy at a professional level thanks for your help.

  13. Peterwoodarts

    Yes necessity is the mother of invention 🙂 Will have to do that, plenty of old knives around. Fine serated edge not so easy to make but am sure I will find a way. I remember that the particulat thing about these was the edge not being over sharp and serated to peel away flesh.

  14. Garnett M

    I know the one you want ; Do you have a second hand store or used goods find a old round tipped butter knife and sharpen that it`s short cheap and may be a few of them or a bread knife it`s wide can cut it off & put an edge on it ,We have all kinds of those stores around here if I find one that`s right I can email you I`ll mail it.

  15. Peterwoodarts

    Hi to you too – Yes, whatever works for you – use it! 🙂 I use both the knife and pushing, where required. Thinner skinned fish certianly need a fleshing knife, am trying to lay my hands on a round end serated fish skinning knife, but cannot find a firm in UK supplying as yet! Snowdonia do not. 🙁

  16. Garnett M

    Hi friend you don`t need to use a scalpel to remove the skin do the length cut then slide your thumb between the meat and skin it peels right off .

  17. Peterwoodarts

    Sorry for delay, just back from Scotland. Firstly – If you remove all the flesh really well you may not even need formaldahyde! There are fish tanning solutions you can buy also, as an alternative? I show this way as a traditional method, but you may prefer to make a foam body form rather than use sawdust – as I do normally – it is easier. If you wish to still use sawdust – you need to choose a fairly fine solid small shaving that will compact well. Too fine & you have problems too large also.

  18. SerbianEaglecccc2

    Hello, I enjoy your videos immensely.
    Just wondering if there is any alternative to using formaldehyde? In Australia it's quite hard to obtain. Secondly, would wood shavings (the type you use for pets etc) work just the same as the actual dust?

    Awaiting your response.

  19. Peterwoodarts

    I do cover this in all my fish videos I thought? Yes the whole thing will require varnishing at the end as this also brings up the natural colours and fins of the fish plus helps to protect it. I use a spray artists gloss varnish. So good luck with the fish – by all means send me a photo via my website to place on my gallery page if you want when done? 🙂

  20. Matias A Renteria

    And i would also like to know if with the acrylic paint that you used on the painting video of the perch stays shiny or does it turn into a rougher color???

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