Taxidermy – mounting a bobcat

Revival by Kevin Macleod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″”

20 Responses to Taxidermy – mounting a bobcat

  1. Mayra Nava

    did thay kill a real Bobcat to make a fack one

  2. Jessi Arntz

    This is exceedingly helpful! Thank you!

  3. nwsrda1

    Howdy Girl, from RDA…

  4. Lapis Lotus

    I am simply speechless… This truly is an artform. You have such amazing talent. The way you turned a pelt back into the full animal and captured its personality is beautiful.

  5. hunt4fish

    nice job on the cat…….

  6. MuFu

    Excellent but I was wondering at the start what material you were using for the head

  7. DocGrim1

    At 11:00 on the video, it looks like you have a giant tarantula on your lap. lol Very nice mount. 🙂

  8. Tiger

    Great job. This is an amazing cat. You obviously have extreme talent, how long have you been doing taxidermy?

  9. sc91260

    What color did you use to paint the nose

  10. sc91260

    What color did you use to paint the nose?

  11. betsua aguilar

    Thank you so much! another quick question I had was, what do you use to fill in a thicker tail on a I feline mount? and after tanning your hides do you soften them at all before mounting?

  12. betsua aguilar

    do you have to rehydrate your hides before mounting them? and if so what do you use?

  13. daverobyinct

    Awesome Job!!!

  14. restingfish

    wow well done! sad that the poor guy's dead an all but still very nice!

  15. gerad quested

    Who do you use to tans your hides?

  16. Silenthill Connolly

    What is the inside body made out of? You did so well!

  17. Embo

    AMAZING CAT!! seriously though, one of the best cats i've seen done, usually the eyes are pointed in different directions, the paws are too large and they just don't look right! Great job man!

  18. frenchustube

    What style of eyes do you use?

  19. Bobbi Meyer

    These are filled with ear magic.

  20. Twisted Lunatic

    Did you use liners for the ears or fill them?

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