taxidermy learn video mounting a brown trout

complete start to finish taxidermy how to video on mounting a brown trout

18 Responses to taxidermy learn video mounting a brown trout

  1. Dan Reid

    We used a Staple Gun instead of thread to anchor the skin to the form.
    Even used a sharpened-edge on a Table Spoon to scrape flesh away too.
    Great Video Sir.

  2. laura lynn

    "like so"

  3. waylonfan01

    That was the sickest thing I've ever seen nice job i'm a send a couple trout this guys way badass

  4. Alec Whiticker

    Ok I am 15 and I want to get into taxidermy do y'all have any advise

  5. BigWater59

    poor job on fins. too many separations

  6. Lee Moskey

    A very good and detailed fish you have there! Im a 14 year old kid looking to get into taxidermy for fish. Very well done

  7. Waynecounty sportsman

    i think you are one hell of a paint artist!! Your work is spotless!!

  8. James Trombetti

    Love it awesome mount, but why take all the time and care to prepare the skin if you just paint it white and paint the colors on?

  9. Max Havok

    wtf…..i thought i knew what you were going to do and i was soo sadly mistaken….why would you paint such a naturally beautiful fish..i thought you were going to paint the head to match and then clear coat the whole thing. i could honestly sculpt a fish just as nice and paint it and youd never know the difference…to each thier own but id never want a fish done in this way…just seems totally pointless to skin a fish in the first place. its nice art work sure, but…. :o(

  10. Phil D

    Nice piece of art. Good video. Now I know what it takes to mount one. Very educational. Thanks for the video.

  11. ELEMENT0605

    Very good instructional video! I've always been curious on how this is done. Now I want to give it a shot. May try this out on an Atlantic salmon. Thanks for posting this!

  12. Romppai's Outdoors

    Is that not a lot of cleaning of the complet air brush after every paint color?

  13. ProdavackaDivu

    I'd never thought of owning taxidermy for myself but I was immediately hooked into watching this entire video once I'd clicked on it. When he got to the final product and mentioned that it was for a 12 y.o. boy who had caught the fish I realized that this is actually a very nice present for such an occasion.

  14. Tim Brown

    I don't know what you charge for that mount…but it couldn't be enough! I'll never bitch about what I pay for a mount again…nice job!

  15. Noah Clifford

    great job! like so

  16. Zach Gnatkowski

    This guy is awesome!

  17. bassnbows

    What makes the mount cost $100+? The materials used or the time put into it?

  18. hallemincharters

    Great videos, they have me hooked, gotta try this now!

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