This is the fourth and final video for the Taxidermy of Waterfowl videos. Here Travis does the finish work on this beautiful Ross Goose. Thanks for joining us on this series. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

14 Responses to TAXIDERMY | HOW TO Mount WATERFOWL Pt. 4

  1. Kaleb Alexander

    Thx for showing this step by step videos it really is helpful and I’m going to use these videos when I mount my first bird.

  2. Johnathan Costa

    Looks great travis, I'm looking forward to more videos

  3. Ken Stout

    Good job Travis, absolutely beautiful bird. When people ask your the guy I'm going to send them to

  4. High Prairie Sportsmen

    Heck yes! Beautiful looking bird!

  5. Todd Larson

    Nice job looks awesome!

  6. Thomas Headings

    Great job Travis!!

  7. Crankin' With CHARLES

    Another great job Trav.

  8. 707mrb

    Good stuff guys.

  9. Ethan Sinclair

    That was a awesome series man!

  10. Silas Blackwell

    I love your videos. This is an awesome vid

  11. Adam Teaney

    That turned out awesome! Great video. Loved this series.

  12. Fowl Assassins

    Great ending to an awesome series!

  13. Hanging with John

    Turned out awesome!! Good vid!!

  14. Michael Prevost

    Dude you are a pro. I've really enjoyed these's videos.You really showed how much work that goes into mounting one of these bird.People shouldn't complain about price after they watch the videos. Titus this is how you grow the channel with videos like this. GREAT JOB BRO

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