Taxidermy: How to Do It

19 Responses to Taxidermy: How to Do It

  1. Adrian Curiale

    nope Chuck Testa

  2. Alexandria Hart

    Omg people are sick in the head. Stuffing dead animals is morbid. Would u stuff a dead human wtf this is so wrong

  3. Drew Thompson

    If only watchmojo could taxidermy laughs, they wouldn't be posting boring stuff like this.

  4. Ally Hasseler

    WAS THAT A DOG?!?!!

  5. Jolie Devereux

    Iain Chambers: Why exactly am I a "silly person," pray?

  6. Black Dynamite

    how can i buy one

  7. Jolie Devereux

    Jacob Paul: You can have YOUR opinions just as I may have MINE. Our siblings of the land, sea and sky were NOT put on this earth for humans to kill and use to decorate their walls. How can you defend that?

  8. Jolie Devereux

    Utterly disgusting, revolting, vomit-inducing; should be OUTLAWED.

  9. Tanya Turtle

    I love taxidermy, I plan on being a taxidermist! 😀

  10. MythoVirus

    @3:00 sympathy level zero lol love this guy

  11. fullstrutn

    that's funny Iv'e been called twice for a ride

  12. Johnny Haley

    I'm going to taxidermy my dog when it dies

  13. Ulises063

    Wow all you guys do now is top 10s

  14. Jebact

    If my animal dies, I want them taxidermied, then i'd turn him into a helicopter RC car 😀

  15. Birthday1313

    I plan to do this to my cat when he dies. But, I am also going to put like a outfit on him too (Top hat, or maybe an assassin's outfit.) Something that shows his personality in life.

  16. Marshall Tearle

    No, it would be creepy to have sex with them.

  17. divine0g0d

    this is just sick and creepy

  18. Lupen202

    Lol, the chuck testa crap is really getting old. Every single taxidermy video has to have at least one chuck testa comment. He isn't the only taxidermist, and he isn't even that amazing of one. -_-

  19. aaron

    Nope. Chuck Testa.

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