Taxidermy Haul

New pets!

5 Responses to Taxidermy Haul

  1. Famorvehun Tempest

    You did an amazing job with the skull, well done, its gorgeous! LOL I had to laugh when you said about a kit bag in your car, you sound like me LOL

  2. Glyn Hewitt

    love the bat! didn't look at spider! Our pets have different plans for how are houses should look! love the bird skull, Iv'e just done one of my rabbits. I know that sounds sick but I have Kept and shown rabbits for 20 years and only have a few old ones (11 and a half years old) left, I think its a good way to respect animals, in a weird witchy way! Lunar Hare mid Wales xxx

  3. ~Barefoot in the Rain~

    Gorgeous specimens! The little sparrow skull is beautiful, well done!

  4. catWmagick

    I love them all but my favourite is the scorpion – oh, be still my beating heart ; ) The bird skull you did is beautiful! Loved your video.

  5. Posivite Lady

    Love all your finds,, but you did an amazing job on that bird skull! Really impressive!!! Xx ❤️

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